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Wemo dimmer switch rule

by Macuser007 on ‎02-01-2018 03:35 PM

Please add the new function to allow the wemo dimmer switch to change the level of the output within the rule (schedule).  Like turn on the light on sunset at 100% and change to the level to 50% after 12:00am till sunrise to turn off.

by riversen
on ‎02-16-2018 09:02 PM
I think that’d be great, but I do that sort of in the HomeKit app. It turns 100% 30 minutes before sunset and 25% 1 hour after sunset. Then I have a motion sensor (Hue) that turns my front porch lights on and my dimmer to 100%. After 5 minutes with no motion the front porch lights turn off and the dimmer returns to 25%. It’s a bit of my security setup.