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The way Belkin has Email Notifications right now is only 1 email address for all camera notifications.


I would like to designate a different email address to each of my netcams so that I can control the way I get notifications and alerts.


The only solution I can think of without a fix from Belkin would be to limit my quantity of Belkin Netcams and replace some with cams made by other brands to more effectively be able to get alerts to different email addresses.


I would like some cams to notify me only when they detect motion the 1 or 2 times a day I expect them to (like when my family gets home from work, or burglury). I can then go into the app and tell that camera not to notify me anymore.


I would also like my other cameras (in heavy traffic areas) to be able to fill up the inbox of a different email address and I can simply check on those emails if I need to.


I have different purposes for different cams and don't want to have to use Sansung/drocam cameras for one purpose and belkcam for another. 




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surveillance camera

by jansmithy on ‎07-23-2015 05:30 PM

wemo needs to have cameras (netcams) that are meant to be used outside so that both the inside and the outside can be monitored

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Configure Wemo Insight without UPnP

by ctrlz on ‎12-14-2015 10:59 AM

Is it possible to get a WEMO Insight switch working without enabling UPnP on my network?

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One App to Rule them all

by Nashlib on ‎04-12-2017 03:08 AM

I'm an ardent WeMo fan. My humble home rocks 20 Bulbs, 3 motion sensors. 7 switches both gen 1 and gen 2.
And ..... a NetCam.

While there is ONE app to use all the rest of my WeMo products the NetCam is a lone man (or woman).

Why not something akin to the Home app on iOS. I can understand why Belkin is reluctant to add HomeKit support. But why not have One App for all of home automation products. Why shout I leave the WeMo app to see my Cam videos.
And Belkin does not allow webstream so I'm forced to go only to the NetCam app to view the video. Makes me sad.

[ on a side note, all of Belkin WeMo products work beautifully and flawlessles with iOS Home app - working via a Raspberry Pi / HomeBridge and Home-Assistant |||| but I'm not faulting Belkin for that. I've read all of the material they have online with regards to why they will not have HomeKit support anytime soon and I'm fine with it]

But please make an interbreed app so that I can get all in one app and one app alone.

Warm regards
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real event times in IFTT

by DougC on ‎04-04-2016 11:04 PM
Currently, if your use iftt to notify you that a wemo has been switched, you only know the time that you receive the notification. This can be delayed by several hours. Additionally, if you happen to be in a different time zone, you have to work that out too.
I suggest an enhancement so the wemo includes it's local time of day in whatever it sends in to IFTT. Then a corresponding change at the IFTT end to make this available in recipes.
While you're at it there must be other data that would be useful here. E.g. whether manually or rule driven etc.
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I don't know why this is still not implemented. Very usefull feature for the wemo switch would be to automatically power off the switch if standby mode has been active for a given (adjustable) time.


I  miss this feature since i had to give up my Fritz!DECT 200. Seems to me like the switch fullfils all the technical requirements - maybe i am missing something??? Think of all the possibilities!!



Love my wemos, but wanted more functionality:


1)  I wanted faster access (iPhone app delays aren't impressive)

2)  I wanted more rules, for example:

    a) turn a light off 90 minutes after it was manually switched on by a family member

    b) do not turn on the watering system if the published (website) forecast for rain is more than 70%

    c) do not turn on the watering system if it is actually raining


To achieve these things, I have set up a Raspberry Pi as a wemo server (and web server):


1)  Faster access is acheived by the Raspberry Pi serving web pages which are optimized for mobile phone display

     -> Immediate "start up" from mobile (just loading a web page ... and iphone lets me put an icon on the home page to click)

     -> Immediately available remotely (anywhere in the world)


2)  Raspberry Pi deals with the issues of finding the wemos, keeping subscriptions to their events current, and dealing with any communication errors etc.


3)  Raspberry Pi web pages allow me to set special rules etc.  The rules are either "input" rules (responding when someone switches a switch, or there is motion) ... or "timed" rules (eg time of day, sunset, sunrise, etc).


The Raspberry Pi is programmed in C ... so it is very fast, and very efficient.  It uses freely avaiable coding for all its parts.


Total cost for setting this up ?   $AU 38.00 for the Raspberry Pi.


I have written the program for myself, for fun.  It isn't great coding, and it isn't written to be production ready (or even made available generally to the public).


I publish this short note just wondering if there are other people out there who have interest in this kind of thing.


PS.  I tried "ouimeaux" but found it a bit tricky and it did not do what I wanted.  My Raspberry Pi has never crashed with the current version of the program (many weeks running ... only rebooted when I update the software).

I use WeMo for my cryptocurrency [Litecoin] mining rig [computer with many video cards to process algorithms]. I need it to either cycle power off/on (through WeMo app OR IFTTT) or at least just send me a message when it drops BELOW a daily usage threshold. Currently it can do exactly that if it rises ABOVE a daily usage threshold only.

Why do I need this? When one of my mining rigs drops below 1300watts, one of the 8 video cards has faulted, or the entire rig has frozen. The rig requires a reset if this happens. When I cycle power on the rig, I have it set up to automatically start mining when it reboots. But currently, I'd have to check the WeMo app however many times a day to see if it needs a reboot!

I have 6 more rigs owned between friends and I that I'd like to get hooked up to WeMo's, but if I can attain this functionality with a homebrew Arduino and relay board setup I guess I could approach that direction instead. It'd be tedious to manually check on 7 rigs every hour with the WeMo app. There are THOUSANDS of mining rigs out there, and a great deal of them could use the functionality of a BELOW usage threshold control (triggering cycle power or send a message). Many crypto miners are aware of the WeMo Insight Switch already, many more would be buyers if it means more automation to our rigs as I have laid out.

I cant imagine the coding changes in either WeMo or by contacting IFTTT would be extreme by any means. A little code would go a long way!

Looking forward to hearing your input Smiley Happy

Status: Under Review
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Toggle feature for WeMo Motion

by raz0r53dge on ‎07-17-2014 10:12 PM

Hi there,


I would like to suggest that a toggle option be set for motion, such that detection of motion would turn the switch on, then further detection of motion would turn it off again. This would work well for across a door way for example so lights in a room would turn on when you walked in and off when you walked out, alternatively this would allow you to mount a motion behind a piece of furniture (couch, bed headboard etc.) and then a wave of the hand over this would turn it on, and then another wave would turn it off. This would eliminate the issue of all motion toggling the switch on and off.


This is currently possible via IFTTT but it is often much too slow to respond. For many it may offer a much more efficient method for lighting a room than the on for a certain amount of time settings that the app currently offers.

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I would love a rule which can be activated with a touch and then it would switch off a switch or a group of switches AFTER A CERTAIN PERIOD OF TIME from now. For example, one hour after activation.

Thats great for falling asleep while watching TV, for example. So when I feel already very sleepy all I need to do is touch a button in the wemo app and I can be sure my TV set (and the STB, and probably all lights) will be switched off automatically after one hour, or two hours, or whatever I have preset.
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Wemo Home

by Scoreaster on ‎05-25-2016 10:02 PM
Make a wemo device you can connect to your pge box that lets you control any plug or switch in your house

Door Bell Switch and Chime

by daviddshoop on ‎07-31-2014 01:18 AM

I would like to see a door bell switch and door chime product group.  Ideas for this could be:


Door Bell Switch

1. When pressing the door bell send action to door bell chime.

2. When pressing the door bell send action to Camera

   a. record or see who's at the door only when pressed

   b. open up bidirectional audio chat between app and camera


Door Bell Chime

1. Allow for multiple chimes

2. Allow for volume control of chime

3. Allow users to upload sound files to chime

4. Allow trigger from other sensors to generate a chime

    a. Each motion sensor triggers a chime

    b. front door bell switch has different chime then back

    c. tie in IFTTT allowing whole home automation; door and window sensors from my alarm package trigger different chimes for each window or door.

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Google Now integration

by dreameruk on ‎05-01-2015 01:16 AM

I see in the news that Google's assistant software Google Now has just allowed 70 companies to piggy back onto it's service. I was wondering if Wemo had any plans to join them.

I know I can hack a solution using Tasks, but I've tried that and it isn't the best. It'd be better if it was official and I could just say to my phone, "Ok Google, Wemo coffee machine on", or something like that.

Here is a link to the Google apps that have been integrated: http://www.google.com/landing/now/integrations.html



I believe there are multiple reasons that Belkin should provide a web interface for managing an indivisulas WeMo network. Here are some of the reasons I would like it, I am sure others have some good reasons also.


1)Cell phones become obsolete too quickly to be used as the only manager for a product that should be expected to be in use for many years.


2)I use my WeMo device in remote locations, some are hours away but accessable remotely. If I lose/break/upgrade my phone, it is unrealsitic to have to travel to all of my remote sites to get my network back on my phone. A web interface would not only allow for me to continue to control the network, but could possibly allow for me to push my network to the Belkin App on my new phone.


3)Phone operating systems update so frequently, requiring frequent application updates, which can only lead to issues for us users.


4)Belkin should have no issues with constructing a web interface considering they have been in the networking game for years.

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WeMo Bulbs

by Rp1504 on ‎03-19-2015 01:34 PM

I just purchased the WeMo switch and motion control. If I now order the WeMo bulbs alone, will they work with the switch and motion control that I just purchased or do I need to order another control to work the bulbs. I am thinking they will all work, say if I get three bulbs off of the switch and motion control I will be getting tomorrow.

Thank you for your replies

Wireless Keypad for Local Use

by Broo2 on ‎01-02-2015 12:59 PM

I am looking for something similar to the keypad remotes used with x10/SkyLinkHome systems that provide a physical on/off switch that can be placed by a nightstand (or stuck to a wall with some versions) to trigger events.  In my particular case, I have two lamps in my bedroom and I would like to press a button (or two) on my nightstand instead of opening the app, waiting for it to connect, etc.


I do have my WeMo devices integrated into a SmartThings hub so I may be able to use a GE Wireless keypad controller (#45631) to trigger the WeMo devices, but that would make be dependant on my SmartThings hub (and their server) being online.


I don't think Belkin offers such a device at this time.  Has anyone had a similar situation and figured out another option?

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WEMO and Homelink

by labuss on ‎06-14-2016 09:09 AM

I've read that Belkin will not be updating the WEMO line of products to support Apple's Homelink API. This is unfortunate, at least for Belkin. One method of supporting the existing WEMO architecture and permit Belkin to develop a Homelink capable line of products is to develop a WEMO hub.


A WEMO hub will allow existing WEMO products to function as they normally do (perhaps even better) plus allow Belkin to develop a Homelink to WEMO command interpeter. The WEMO hub would be Homelink capable and provide gateway functionality to existing WEMO products. The beauty here is that existing WEMO user's purchases are protected but also provides a migration path to Homelink capable hardware. 

First time using the NetCam HD, logged on and can see 2 extra feeds that are not mine!!! Does this mean these 2 strangers can also see my feed???? VERY CONCERNED as privacy is at stake. Help???

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Hi, I'd like to be able controlling my WEMO enabled coffemaker via SOAP requests to integrate it with my Perl based home control system.


I've already able to send requests to my Mr. Coffee, but got "Action failed" response. (Think that's happening cause of some security restrictions)


Can you point me to some docs for implementing this?