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Door Bell Switch and Chime

by daviddshoop on ‎07-31-2014 01:18 AM

I would like to see a door bell switch and door chime product group.  Ideas for this could be:


Door Bell Switch

1. When pressing the door bell send action to door bell chime.

2. When pressing the door bell send action to Camera

   a. record or see who's at the door only when pressed

   b. open up bidirectional audio chat between app and camera


Door Bell Chime

1. Allow for multiple chimes

2. Allow for volume control of chime

3. Allow users to upload sound files to chime

4. Allow trigger from other sensors to generate a chime

    a. Each motion sensor triggers a chime

    b. front door bell switch has different chime then back

    c. tie in IFTTT allowing whole home automation; door and window sensors from my alarm package trigger different chimes for each window or door.