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I would like to have a fourth interaction with the light switch. On and Off are good to control lights, but it's currently not possible to control lights AND smart bulbs or wifi switch.
I currently use IFTTT to turn on smart led on when I switch the lights on (of course, the switch does to control directly the smart bulbs) and after I have to turn back the switch to Off.
To turn off my smart bulbs, I also use ifttt to trigger a long press.
Why BELKIN does not offer interaction between its Wemo devices ?
And why only 3 interactions for the switch ?
A switch can turn things on and off... Adding a third interaction is good, but a fourth will be better.

I propose a double clic/tap or a longer press.
On/off for the directly controlled lights
Short long press / long long press to control other devices (directly through the the app/rules or via IFTTT)

Thanx for voting !