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I used the WeMo Maker (and magnetic switch) to control my garage door. It works like a charm... However, I would like to automate this further by creating one of the following IFTTT rules:

  • if the wemo switch is NOT trigerred and I enter the area OPEN the garage door by "turn relay on momentarily"
  • if I eneter the area "turn relay on momentarily" only if the switch is NOT triggered

As far as I see the IFTTT does not allow the creation of the AND condition. I explored possibility of using the two rules, 1st checks one condition and if this condition is met it triggers another rule to check for another condition, but I cannot figure it out (sending an email and acting on the email is not an option due to long lag in receiving an email)


Any suggestions? Maybe WeMo or IFTTT could incorporate new condition and actions to their WeMo Maker possibilities.



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Triggers in the IFTTT WeMo Insight Switch Channel would be made much more powerful by adding a handful of Ingredients based on data the WeMo Insight Switch is already collecting. These include:


TimeInStandby (in seconds)
TimeTurnedOff (in seconds)
TimeOff (in seconds)- sum of TimeInStandby plus TimeTurnedOff
TimeOn (in seconds)
PowerWhileOn (in Watts)


Although it might make sense to have these Ingredients available for only certain Triggers, it would be simpler (and perhaps more powerful) to have them available for all Triggers.

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When using the IFTTT WeMo Insight Switch Channel, Triggers (e.g. 'Standby mode entered') include Ingredients (e.g. 'SwitchedToStandbyAt') that appear to be date/time stamps (e.g. 'August 30, 2014 at 03:35PM'). Unfortunately, if the Google Drive Channel is used to define an 'Add row to spreadsheet' Action, the 'timestamp' Ingredient is interpreted as text instead of a as a true timestamp that can be used in calculations or in charts. Moreover, the time is only displayed to the nearest minute, although there are applications where it would be useful to know the time to the nearest second.


Although spreadsheet functions can be used to extract a true timestamp, the resulting timestamps are still limited to the nearest minute, and it would be much simpler if a true timestamp were exported automatically.


I believe that this can be most easily remedied by changing the Ingredient value to look like 'August 30, 2014 03:35:15PM') by removing the word 'at' (twhich appears to disrupt the Google Sheet parsing of the timestamp) and adding seconds. An alternative would be to export the numeric serial number equivalent with a sufficient number of digits after the decimal point (5 or 6) to represent the nearest second, like '41881.649479'. This approach might be more confusing, because most people won't realize that all they need to do is choose an appropriate date/time format to make this display properly.