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Love my wemos, but wanted more functionality:


1)  I wanted faster access (iPhone app delays aren't impressive)

2)  I wanted more rules, for example:

    a) turn a light off 90 minutes after it was manually switched on by a family member

    b) do not turn on the watering system if the published (website) forecast for rain is more than 70%

    c) do not turn on the watering system if it is actually raining


To achieve these things, I have set up a Raspberry Pi as a wemo server (and web server):


1)  Faster access is acheived by the Raspberry Pi serving web pages which are optimized for mobile phone display

     -> Immediate "start up" from mobile (just loading a web page ... and iphone lets me put an icon on the home page to click)

     -> Immediately available remotely (anywhere in the world)


2)  Raspberry Pi deals with the issues of finding the wemos, keeping subscriptions to their events current, and dealing with any communication errors etc.


3)  Raspberry Pi web pages allow me to set special rules etc.  The rules are either "input" rules (responding when someone switches a switch, or there is motion) ... or "timed" rules (eg time of day, sunset, sunrise, etc).


The Raspberry Pi is programmed in C ... so it is very fast, and very efficient.  It uses freely avaiable coding for all its parts.


Total cost for setting this up ?   $AU 38.00 for the Raspberry Pi.


I have written the program for myself, for fun.  It isn't great coding, and it isn't written to be production ready (or even made available generally to the public).


I publish this short note just wondering if there are other people out there who have interest in this kind of thing.


PS.  I tried "ouimeaux" but found it a bit tricky and it did not do what I wanted.  My Raspberry Pi has never crashed with the current version of the program (many weeks running ... only rebooted when I update the software).