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WeMo Security Password

by wemo_chris on ‎03-25-2015 05:01 PM

Hi, I know I am not the first person by far to want this feature but why has it still not became a thing on WeMo devices? I have a new WeMo insight and so far things have been a case or learning how to use it and set it up in different places but to my shock the thing doesn't have a password!! I have many people in my family using my wifi network including extended family so it appears anyone of them can just download the app open it up and bingo there is my plug (or plugs in the future) and just turn them on or off along with set rules... You name it and anyone on the wifi network can do it just the same as the person who set it up!!


Is this not the most stupid thing!! I really wanted to start turning everything WeMo in my home to be able to turn things on and of when I want from where I want but now it just seems like there is a huge hole in the system that is going to either make me not use WeMo or just give up on the idea all together.


Is there any idea when such a feature will finally be brought to the WeMo devices or are you going to leave these devices open to abuse.