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I have two SSIDs at home: one for my 2.4 Ghz network that the WeMo is on and one for my 5 Ghz network. I noticed that once I enabled remote access in the iOS app, that sometimes the app thought I was away from home and would control the WeMo device in "remote mode" when I was at home. Here's what I've discovered:

1. If remote access is disabled, then The iOS app can control my WeMo device locally no matter which SSID I connect to as long the iOS device is on the same LAN as the WeMo device.

2. If remote access is enabled in the iOS app, then the app can only control my WeMo device locally, if I'm connected to the same SSID I was connected to when I enabled remote access. If I connect to a different local SSID, the app will jump into "away mode" and all requests will be sent through the WeMo cloud servers even though the WeMo device is on the same LAN.

This doesn't make a lot of sense. What should happen is that if the iOS app can see the WeMo device locally, which it obviously can since scenario #1 works, then it should switch to local mode. If it can't see the local WeMo device then it should switch to away mode.

At the very least, add the ability to specify other local SSIDs that if connected to, the app should work in "local mode".