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I have a WEMO switch in my bedroom, along with a WEMO motion sensor. It works fantastically. For years now. I am living and caring for my 94 year old mother, and wanted to make things easier for her. I purchase the WEMO LED Starter Kit plus an additional WEMO Smart Bulb. The WEMO Link connected immediately to my network. I updated the firmware, and then the bulbs began to download. The first two worked fine, but the third one, don't know if it was part of the starter pack or the individual bulb, downloads over and over, but ultimately says UPGRADE FAILED.  I have moved the three on top of each other, because they are all attached to my dining room hanging light. The lights work as one, but I continue to get that error message every night.The ultimate significance of this is that I have an Amazon Echo, which allows me to control my lights by voice. Much easier for my mom.  The WEMO switch works perfectly and has for a year, but the Echo is not recognizing the Dining Room 3 starter lights, ever. Tried again and again. My mom and I would really appreciate your thoughts.

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Hi All,


We have a job requirement from one of our clients.


They are using WEMO to control their Ducted Air Conditioning Systems at their Business Premises.

The client has advised us that the WEMO needs to use the same SSID across all units, we need to find out if the product could work if 2 different SSID's we're used but the IP Range 10.0.0.x is used on both SSID's


We've told the client it shouldn't be an issue as the WEMO App should see all devices enough though their connecting to seperate SSID's.





WLAN 1 is using a Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco M2 2.4GHz Access Point located on the roof externally on the building inline with the outdoor Air Conditioning Units.

WLAN 2 is using Ubiquiti Unifi LR Access Point 2.4GHz, 3 are located throughout the building internally mounted to the ceiling




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Access switch status within a rule

by PhilHarvey on ‎07-03-2016 07:59 PM
I'm trying to automate lighting in a home cinema. It would be very useful to be able to incorporate switch status in rules. A motion detector could do different things depending on whether the projector was on or off. Similar for standby/load for an insight switch. Example when someone enters if the projector is off the main light comes on. If the projector is on the foot lighting comes on.
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WEMO and Homelink

by labuss on ‎06-14-2016 09:09 AM

I've read that Belkin will not be updating the WEMO line of products to support Apple's Homelink API. This is unfortunate, at least for Belkin. One method of supporting the existing WEMO architecture and permit Belkin to develop a Homelink capable line of products is to develop a WEMO hub.


A WEMO hub will allow existing WEMO products to function as they normally do (perhaps even better) plus allow Belkin to develop a Homelink to WEMO command interpeter. The WEMO hub would be Homelink capable and provide gateway functionality to existing WEMO products. The beauty here is that existing WEMO user's purchases are protected but also provides a migration path to Homelink capable hardware. 

This is a feature that was in a version of the app a while ago that has been removed.
I would like to be able to turn off the light in a room if there is no motion in the room.
I know you can do this if the motion initiates the light turning on, but there is no option to manually turn on and then turn off after xx minutes
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Wemo Switch with a mobile app

by Lthunder2004 on ‎04-12-2015 07:55 PM

Few months ago, I am tired of the light blinks by kids played on the light switch. It is really annoying me crazied of that light blinks... I wonder someone added a new project of the light switch with any of the mobile app called the locker switch and this is my idea. Example, someone or kid tried to press the light switch will not respond to light on/off by the mobile app turns the locker on/off.

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Sort Rules

by ddn2003 on ‎08-03-2016 02:17 PM
It would be great if we could sort the rules, just like we can sort the devices!

Ceiling Fan Control

Status: Under Review
by pocketjacks on ‎06-02-2014 01:36 PM

It would be nice if Belkin were to partner with a manufacturer that already provides a wall plate ceiling fan control that could also tie into IFTTT.  Example such as "If the outside temp goes below 75 degrees, set the bedroom fan to low".  This way when it cools down while you're asleep, you won't be chilly because the fan is too high.

Status: Under Review
Hello world!!

I have 5 WEMO light switches installed throughout my home. I also have the WEMO APP on my iPhone and iPad air and both are using IOS 8.1. My iPhone took a dip in the pool and no longer works whatsoever. Since my iPhone is no longer operational, I opened the WEMO app on my iPad and went to the remote access section which showed a list of devices that can access my WEMO DEVICES REMOTELY. Cool but not cool cause I am unable to delete these devices from the list. I have tried everything, resetting the WEMO switches to factory default, deleting the WEMO APP from my iPad and reinstalling it again. But no matter what the remote access devices in the list stayed. What the heck? This is a major security issue. What if a device in the list is lost. How do you delete it from remote access list so if it's found by someone they can't control my switches? The info for this obviously is not stored in the app or in the WEMO products. Rather the smart folks at BELKIN decided to store it on the cloud. When you use remote access to control a switch at your home, it isn't direct. The WEMO app has to connect to the WEMO cloud which then sends the request to the light switch you want to control. Great stuff right? I don't think so.

So can anyone tell me what to do at this point? hummmm. What to do?

iOS 8 Homekit integration

by WEMO Maker Inventor on ‎06-04-2014 09:31 AM

Is Belkin/WeMo is working on adding support for Apple's new HomeKit platform comming in iOS8?

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Luton Connected Bulb Remote Support

by cdnboy on ‎12-30-2015 05:56 PM


Picked up some Cree bulbs and the Lutron connected bulb remote to see if I can get all to play along

Would be great to have a remote to support some lights for times when phone not available etc - or someone watching over your house.   

The remote will pair to the bulb but then if I pair the bulb to WeMo link i loose remote support


Even tried with the supported Wink hub but i didn't like compaired to WeMo - and all my devices would then not work with Wink



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Nest cam trigger of Wemo Switch

by BobNG on ‎12-14-2016 06:08 PM
I tried building my own IFTTT applet to turn on my WEMO switch (and a connected lamp) when my Nest Cam sees motion, but it doesn't work. Why doesn't WEMO build this simple function (seeing as WEMO supports the Nest thermostat)
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How about transducers?

by PsychoTech on ‎03-30-2015 11:03 PM

I'd love to hang a CT (current trandformer )on my heatpump wiring and wire the output of it (say 0-10V) to a WEMO device that I could then setup (calibrate) via software.


Or how about an output transducer that I could sent a signal (ma, V) to? Industry runs on mA signals and the transducers/ converters aren't that expensive!


Need more than ON/OFF! Need CONTROL!

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Multi button controller

by EddieSitt on ‎06-20-2017 01:18 PM
Can Wemo make a multi button controller?
It can be a low voltage controller that speaks to the light switches in a different location.
I guess it can be a wall mountable app. (Controller)

Windows 10 app

by mzeller2km on ‎07-30-2015 10:18 AM

Wouldn't it be possible to use Microsoft's new Windows 10 conversion tool to make the Wemo app work on Windows? I would be nice to use my surface, and pc without using a third party app.

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WeMo Switch

by SwitchMan on ‎12-22-2015 12:14 PM


If someone is connected to your home network and has a WeMo app installed they can aslo connect to your Wemo switch, giving them control of your WeMo Switch without your permission. Therefore could there be a PIN/Password set in the App so that only people with the PIN/Password can connect to your WeMo switch.

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Anybody having issues with Cost per kWh resetting on WeMo Insight??

by nikconwell ‎06-02-2017 05:57 AM - edited ‎06-02-2017 06:04 AM

[Removing, erroneously posted to ideas, reposted to app.]

I understand that the current app only has the ability to control one location remotely.  However, this seems to be a silly restriction and significantly limits the functionality of the product.


I have two properties that are several hundred kilometers away.  Right now if I want to control both properties remotely, I need two separate devices, one for each property, which is ridiculous.  If one device breaks or I lose it, I lose any ability to control one property.  And if I happed to lose the device that controls the property that is truly remote, the only way I have to reconnect a new device is to physically drive 2-3 hours just so I can connect to the wifi and restablish connection. Again, this is ridiculous.


Both locations go to the cloud before they go to my device.  Therefore, it should be fairly simple to be able to select different locations from within the app.  From the app on a single device, I should be able to switch back and forth between property A and property B.


As a point in reference, I have a wifi thermostat in each property.  I am easilty able to control each property from a single app on a single device.  In addition, there is a web interface which I can use if my device breaks.  This is not rocket science. I have had these wifi thermostats for 3 years. Please consider adding this basic funcationality to your app.

Status: Planned

My biggest idea for these plugs is some basic reliability. Every app update that comes through comes with enhancements for coffee pots and crockpots and yet every week often times multiple times my switches drop off the network, the names get muddled, pictures disappear. Why is all this effort being added to other devices when you cannot even get the basics right?


You want us to 'Wemo That' and make everything Wemo but I will certainly not be spending any more money on the switches given their reliability and in fact really want a refund for them but I doubt this will be forthcoming. 


If you can nail the reliability then these will be fantastic products that would be highly recommended. These products feel like you have released the product and forgotten about it, ongoing support is essential as is actual product improvement, especially when you want us to trust you with electricity in our homes. 


An iPhone 6 optimised app is also a bare minimum, the iPhone 6 has been out for nearly a year now and yet it still is not optimised? Much much smaller companies had apps ready for day 1 and yet nearly a year later you have nothing? Again this feels like a product you released and given up on. The least you could do would be make the SDK open like Philips Hue so at worst and you truly have forgotten about this then others can take up the challenge and release better apps and improve the relaibility. 



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I just updated to v 1.13.4 and now my two WeMo devices are dead in the water. I've owned them for over two years, and it seems that the WeMo programming team still can't get the iOS app to work reliably.


In my case I have three routers, two of which act as extenders. Virtually every other wireless device I have in the house works perfectly with this setup. Certain versions of the WeMo app have worked (almost) flawlessly, but others have been a complete trainwreck. This appears to be one of the latter.


In your latest upgrade notes you solicited suggestions. Mine? Once and for all get this app to work with the devices we've all made an investment in so that they work every time. As another example of something problematic, updating firmware (which just happened before standard time was reinstated), always leaves my devices in a state where they need to be unplugged and rebooted, often more that once. Really, that's the best the enigneering team can do?


I keep looking for alternatives to WeMo because, honestly, I think, like most users, I've been very patient. It's time for software development to do their part in making this app reliable.