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HomeKit integration

by plo90 on ‎09-28-2014 05:28 PM

HomeKit integration so that I can use Siri iOS 8 to control my devices.  Or how about an add-on for notification centre to allow easier access?

A year ago you announced products and never delivered them. Nothing happening this year. Your legagcy products are still unstable.


Time to move onto Insteon. They seem to be doing it right.

Wemo dimmer scenes

by hillsy85 on ‎06-06-2017 09:49 AM

Having waited patiently for and purchased 5 Wemo dimmer switches for my house, while I love the basic functionality of them, I am a little disappointed in the lack of "scenes" within the Wemo App that could be triggered by Alexa / IFFT functions.


For example, I want to be able to say "Alexa, turn on/trigger evening lights" and that would turn on dimmer A, B and C to preset dim percentages, or "Alexa, trigger bedtime" which would turn off all lights except the bedroom light.


I would like to think that smarter people than I are already working on this and will be in a future update, but if not... WHY NOT!?


Wemo LabVIEW Toolkit

by gmiles on ‎11-03-2016 10:26 AM

I am getting close to releasing my Wemo LabVIEW Toolkit.  Here are a couple of screen shots:



Turn off a GROUP of WeMos

by AlpharettaTom on ‎03-06-2016 08:00 PM
I would like to be able to put certain WeMos in a GROUP.
When I'm going to bed I could turn them all off at once with one click/touch of a button.

Blink function for IFTTT

by witsend11541 on ‎05-31-2017 11:17 AM
I am deaf and I use Wemo light switches to notify me when someone rings my Skybell. Currently the Wemo light switch only supports turn on, turn off, turn on then off (which only counts as one blink if they were off), turn off then on, and toggle.

Please add a blink function to IFTTT- it should blink at least 3 times, 5 is good, returning to the original state. Even if I'm in an adjacent room, I will notice this, where I won't for one blink, especially in the daytime. Philips Hue can do this, 10 times, which is a bit much.


I used several of these devices to overcome issues with electronics while away from a 2nd home (parents).   I use my phone for my residence and my wife's phone for the parents.  But after buying some for a third location, I can't even see Wemos using the app. 


Interestingly, In three different locations where I also have wireless cameras these DLink register to their network and ALLOW cameras from these different areas to be seen and controlled from one screen - I am able to operate devices in 3 homes.  I don't think their scheme is proprietary so this could merely be a software update for Belkin.  



Just recently bought the WeMo Mini Smart Plug and set it up with my espresso machine. The scheduling and the auto-off features are both great ideas! It would be super if we could use them simultaneously.


From what I can tell, currently, there is only the option to have the plug either switch on and off for a given scheulde (multiple schedules are possible) OR have the plug automatically shut off after some time interval.


Implementing support for both should be relatively easy with the following logic:

  • When the switch flips on, set the auto-off timer
    • When the auto-off timer fires, check to see if the plug should be on or off for the current time
      • If it should be off, automatically turn it off
      • If it should be on, do nothing (plug stays on until scheduled off time)





.... set all my devices to a pre-defigned state.  


for example, the "I'm going to bed button" - turn the bedroom lights off on a 30 minute fade, turn the lights outside off, turn the living room dimmer to low.... etc.


I find myself each night going through the routeen of changing the status of the same devices, a one touch button would make the interface so much more friendly.

Now that we have Harmony Elite, their remote can control Bluetooth and WiFi devices. There's even an socket HW button on the remote. But WeMo integration is sadly missing! Please try to cooperate and implement Smiley Wink


Many thanks!

... so we could use rules to activate Wemo devices when the light turns on.  We can do that with IFTTT already but within the app could be more responsive.

How about a establishing a group construct .. where for exmple you could define group  to have all 2nd floor switches . I would like this group construct carried over to IFTTT.

I know this can be done already with IFTTT, but if you have high number of Wemo switches it would be tedious.

Essentally all switch could/should be a default group. You then could quickly implement something like a IOS proximity event to turn all lights on.

Status: Under Review

Hello All,


I don't want to start a rumour but last year Belkin Australians website and Bunnings and other places were having a fire sale of these Wemo power switches for $40 and now there impossible to get at any price even on Ebay!


Has anyone else had problems getting these switchs now?


I have replaced most of my house switchs with Wemo switchs!


But I am really worried if Belkin discontinue the product, my switchs and globes will be useless!


And Belkin has no obligation to continue supporting the Wemo app!


I hope they can still be use as a normal switch!


Also Belkin does not support and will not support the new Apple HomeKit standard in the future is a big worry!


Love to hear your opinions on this subject!


Thanks in advance,


Merv Stent

Wall receptacle

Status: Under Review
by Community Manager on ‎08-11-2012 12:16 AM

I would like to see WeMo as a normal recessed standard wall receptacle. Not something that sticks out.

Status: Under Review

iOS 3D touch

by Jaredbw on ‎12-28-2016 07:27 PM
Add iOS 3D Touch compatibility for easy access to your favorite WeMo devices.

WEMO app multiple locations

by NAE on ‎06-21-2015 01:25 PM

Numerous people have asked why the WEMO app doesn't work with WEMO devices at multiple locations and only received put-off responses.  This is not rocket science.  Both DLink and Samsung have apps which control their devices located at multiple locations.  A simple interim solution is to supply multiple apps with different names (WEMO1, WEMO2, etc) so users can use one app for each location.  But the correct solution should be easy to implement.


Perhaps someone at Belkin can explain why anybody should continue to buy your products when Belkin continues to ignore the needs of its customers.  Perhaps Belkin should replace the head of its division which is responsible for WEMO with a person who actually cares.  Otherwise Belkin will make what otherwise could be a good product a commercial failure.


As a customer I am regretting that I purchased any Belkin product, and this experience will effect any recommendations or specifications for Belkin products in the future.


But it is not too late.  Stop daydreaming, get out of your chair and actually solve the problem or replace the person who is ignoring your customers with someone who is competent to solve the problem.

Wemo Circuit Breaker

by Dingusboy on ‎05-17-2016 05:02 AM

A Wemo circuit breaker could be used to turn electric hot water heaters, electric ranges and other large appliances on/off during extended periods of non-use.

Local Grouping of switches/outlets

by dhaaa on ‎10-24-2014 02:30 PM

I would like to be able to specify something along the lines of "When switch A is turned on/off, turn on/off switch B and C also". This should be done entirely on the local network, WITHOUT hitting IFTTT.


My setup is: In my living room, I have a wemo light switch, and two wemo outlet switches. I would like to just press the light switch and have all 3 switches turn off/on. Right now, I have an IFTTT rule set up to do this, but there is something like a 10 second delay for my light switch to send its state change off to IFTTT, have IFTTT process it, and then have IFTTT turn off/on my two outlet switches.


This could be done entirely on the local network almost instantaneously, without having to hit IFTTT.

First time using the NetCam HD, logged on and can see 2 extra feeds that are not mine!!! Does this mean these 2 strangers can also see my feed???? VERY CONCERNED as privacy is at stake. Help???

WeMo in iOS widget

by A1m1o1 on ‎07-26-2015 07:20 AM
I would like to be able to control my WeMo switches through the pull-down widget menu in iOS. This way I could control my switches without having to log in to my phone, open the app, and wait for switches to load.