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I've been waiting for this feature for long time. I have a wemo maker with sensor and use it as a garage door opener. I want to have a feature that notify me whenever the sensor is trigger/not trigger within a certain time.

For example, if my garage door left opened (sensor is triggered) for 30 minutes, it will notify me via my phone to get my attention.

In wemo app, there is a rule almost like that, but doesn't allow me to setup the wait time.

Would be greatful if someone look in to this.

Thank you

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Wemo Master App Switch

by Simonc715 on ‎12-25-2015 05:37 PM

Would be great to have a master switch on the iPhone App whereby you can assign various devices to the switch and with a single click switch all devices on/off - such as lamps

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Recently got the WEMO Smart Humidifier. Branded Bionaire in Canada and Holmes elsewhere.

Great device! Super quiet and does an excellent job humidifying my whole home.

Only one issue: it's too good at humidifying!

Lowest humidity setting is 45% which is really comfortable, but in the cold Canadian winter days this is too high and causes condensation on cold spots.

High humidity in the home can cause condensation and "sweating" on windows or walls where there is low insulation from outside cold.

I would love to see a IFTTT integration on the WEMO Smart humidifier as there are on the other devices.

This would allow me to turn the humidifier ON/OFF with the NEST Thermostat HOME/AWAY modes.

At the moment the humidifier is always ON raising the humidity level to the minimum setting of 45%.
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WeMo Switch

by SwitchMan on ‎12-22-2015 12:14 PM


If someone is connected to your home network and has a WeMo app installed they can aslo connect to your Wemo switch, giving them control of your WeMo Switch without your permission. Therefore could there be a PIN/Password set in the App so that only people with the PIN/Password can connect to your WeMo switch.

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It started a few weeks ago, and since then I've tried resetting, restarting. Even turning off the breaker for a few hours...
I do see the SSID, but can't join it.

Can't even turn on the lights by ppressing the button.

All it does is blink green.
Can someone shed some light ?

Anyone else

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Basic Tech

by bossfan on ‎12-18-2015 08:52 PM

Is the WEMO bridge affected by the location to the lighting system or by house wiring. I have 3 outdoor lights that will regularly link because they are closer to the area of the home where the bridge is located. Those at a distance do not link regularly, link only for a second or go undetected. I assume it is the bridge that directly communicates with the lights?

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Garage door opener

by keithej on ‎12-18-2015 07:27 AM
With a camera to check if the door is open and opener switch the door could be closed from anywhere.
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I love the product, but when I have 2 or 3 cameras in a home setting, getting charged $10 per camera per month to keep recording to the cloud is ridiculous. I am awaiting a reasonable price from you or a competitor, then I'll switch.

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It would be very nice to be able to control a single light fixture from multiple Light Switches. I envision it working as follows:


Physical installation:

    Multiple Light Switches are installed. One of the switches is designated Master whereas the others are designated Slave. The Master switch is connected as it is currently done to control the light fixture. All the Slave switches are connected to provide power for itself but have no connection to the light fixture.


Light Switch configuration:

    All switches would belong to the same group, in this example the group would be HALL_LIGHT_GRP. All switches need to save the id of the group to which it belongs.


    Slave Switches:

        When its state is changed through physical interaction, the Slave switch will send its new state to the Master switch of the group HALL_LIGHT_GRP .

        When it receives a message (NOT from the Master switch or any other switch) over Wi-Fi to change state, it will change state and send its new state to the Master switch of the group HALL_LIGHT_GRP.

        When it receives a message (from the Master switch of its group) over Wi-Fi to change state, it will change state.


    Master Switch:

        When its state is changed through physical interaction, the Master switch will send the new state to all Slave members of the group HALL_LIGHT_GRP.

        When it receives a message (NOT from a switch) over Wi-Fi to change state, it will change state and send its new state to all Slave switches of the group HALL_LIGHT_GRP.

        When it receives a message (from a Slave switch of the group HALL_LIGHT_GRP) over Wi-Fi to change state, it will change state and send its new state to all Slave switches of the group HALL_LIGHT_GRP except the Slave switch which sent the triggering message.



    The WEMO APP needs to support the configuration of Light Switch groups with a single switch designated Master and the others switches designated Slave.


This does not seem like it would be difficult to implement.


Tim Reilly

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Configure Wemo Insight without UPnP

by ctrlz on ‎12-14-2015 10:59 AM

Is it possible to get a WEMO Insight switch working without enabling UPnP on my network?

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Light Switch Energy Estimated Cost

by Dennoman on ‎12-12-2015 07:57 PM

Can Belkin add the Estimated Energy cost feature to the Wall Light Switch like the other Wemo plug switches?

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Multi purpose remote control so you can turn on appliances that have (IR)remote controls eg: tv, radio, aircon
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I have tried everything I know, no luck. Can somebody help me with. I would greatly appriciace.....

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I just installed my first Wemo device,  an Insigt Switch.


I am not so thrilled about the IOS app though. 


I'd like to control all my Wemo devices, from whatever location I like, from whatever device I like.  This will require I group all Wemo devices into a Wemo account, and I manage this account from anywhere in the world from any device.    Isn't this simple enough an idea?   I wonder why this has not been implemented yet, or am I totally wrong?


Again, with the current setup , if both my wife's and my iPhone want to control the same group of Wemo devices, is this even possible now?




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Just taken receipt of a Wemo Lighting starter kit (ugly Wall socket Wart & 2 lightbulbs)


Set up was relatively easy...there is an error in the install step by step process - after "wart" has been connected to home wireless network, you then need to switch to wireless network to complete the installation (I sat there looking at finding devices for another 10 minutes)


Rest of setup a doddle, got porch light working to switch on at sunset & off later in the evening.


Then it dawned on me...if someone flicks the light switch then the bulb wont work!  I know my wife, she will switch it on /off etc 


What we need in the UK is the light switch that works in conjunction with the bulb....are we getting one anytime soon???

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We no.thermo Stat for hiuse

by Mowmuscle on ‎12-06-2015 08:10 PM
This would be great to control the temp in my house...chop chop...
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Deaf products

by canalrun on ‎12-06-2015 01:08 PM


I am Deaf.


A real problem for the Deaf community involves things like smoke detectors, doorbells, phones, and alarm clocks.


WeMo is a great foundation to build a solution.


The Deaf have flashers located all over the house. When someone rings the doorbell, the flashers start flaashing.


When the phone rings, it starts flashing, but the other flashers don't flash.


If the smoke alarm goes off, I would burn to a crisp before realizing there was a fire. If there's a fire at night…


Each one of these things currently has an independent solution, but they're not integrated.


WeMo could provide the solution where if any one of these events occur (doorbell, smoke detector, phone, alarm clock, ...), the flashers are told to flash, also a bed shaker (vibrating disk like a larger version of the vibrating disk in a phone) would start vibrating.


Doorbell: you can buy a small wireless transmitter doorbell that could trigger a WeMo type receiver just inside the door that would send a command to flash WeMo type flashers.


Phone: There are units that detect the ringing sound of a phone – again a WeMo sound detector next to the phone.


Smoke alarm: Another WeMo sound detector allowing me to buy whatever smoke detector is appropriate.


Alarm clock: Another sound detector.


The sound detectors (sensors) would send an event trigger to the WeMo network which would cause it to flash the flashers, vibrate the bed shaker, or do anything conceivable.




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I have a bell that is setup like a home doorbell, but this is at my business. I want to have a notification on my phone when a signal is recieved, but without much delay. If i were to work outside i need to know if there is a customer pressing the bell. Can i do this wth a WeMo maker. I hope someone can give me step by step instructions how to do this. Also as a side question is there some way i can make a phone call do the same thing and also ring, 

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How do I use the wall switch if I don't have a common wire in the switch box. Most of my switches use what is called a "switch loop". This means that the power is coming from the box where the light resides and thus the switch box only has a black and white wire connected to the actual switch. Is there some kind of work around?