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WeMo WiFi 5.0

by trgrassijr55 on ‎04-17-2015 12:06 PM

When will WeMo devices support 5.0 Ghz on WiFi networks?


My Meraki Access Point support both 2.4 Ghz and 5.0 Ghz


For apartment living having 5.0 allows great thru put and no bleed over from all the AP's iin the development.



Please Advise



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WeMo App Setup Request

by trgrassijr55 on ‎04-17-2015 12:02 PM

I have been struggling with adding the WeMo app to my Ipad and another iPhone. My iPhone 6 Plus has WeMo app and works great.


The iPad and other iPhone just display the setup screen.


The app should have the ability to select an existing setup. IE


1. New Setup


2. Existing Setup please continue



Needs to be an easy way to add WeMo app to multiple iDevices.


Please advise



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Wemo Switch with a mobile app

by Lthunder2004 on ‎04-12-2015 07:55 PM

Few months ago, I am tired of the light blinks by kids played on the light switch. It is really annoying me crazied of that light blinks... I wonder someone added a new project of the light switch with any of the mobile app called the locker switch and this is my idea. Example, someone or kid tried to press the light switch will not respond to light on/off by the mobile app turns the locker on/off.

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Control Wemo from Your Bed

by sleepra ‎04-10-2015 10:35 PM - edited ‎04-10-2015 10:52 PM

Hello Wemo Community,


We're looking for some fresh ideas on how to make the Wemo even more useful through Sleepra integration.    Basically, the Sleepra converts any bed into a giant touchpad where unique gestures can be assigned to control smart devices, including, of course, the Wemo.  


One example of  Wemo integration is turning on/off a bedside lamp with a swipe on your bed, without needing to reach for a phone.   As fellow Wemo enthusiasts, are there any other cool applications you can think of?  Your ideas will help us focus our priorities as we build-out our API integration!


And, as a side-note, if your idea is to activate your bedroom's disco ball that's plugged into your Wemo, we are already aware of the overwhelming demand Smiley Wink.



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Iwant to activate a 220 v contactor rated in 0.25 amp with the wemo light switch

is it pssible?

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I'd like to be able to run my Wemo Air cleaners on high during the day when I am away but turn back down to auto when I get back home.  Auto usually places them back at the low setting.  Some IFTTT integration so when the pollen count is high they could be cranked up would be nice as well.



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I was working on WeMo on my iPad using a remote keyboard connected via bluetooth.  Suddenly, one of the devices 'dropped out' and i was told it was 'not detected'.

I walked, with my iPad, collecting my iPhone 5 on the way, to where my WeMo devices are clustered.  After refreshing the App I still got the 'not detected' message on the switch and upon refreshing teh App on the iPhone, none of my 3 devices were detected (on the phone, 2 were still active on the iPad).

Since I was now away from the bluetooth keyboard, i turned bluetooth off on the iPad and suddenly the Switch was detected.  Did the same on the iPhone and all three devices came back to life!



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Wifi Interference

by roseboy4 on ‎03-31-2015 08:41 AM
I have the Belkin netcam for home monitoring but I notice that while plugged in, they interfer with other wifi products in the house. particularly my Audio Receiver which uses the wifi too. How do I fox that problem because I bought five cameras which I'm finding I don't want to use now.
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How about transducers?

by PsychoTech on ‎03-30-2015 11:03 PM

I'd love to hang a CT (current trandformer )on my heatpump wiring and wire the output of it (say 0-10V) to a WEMO device that I could then setup (calibrate) via software.


Or how about an output transducer that I could sent a signal (ma, V) to? Industry runs on mA signals and the transducers/ converters aren't that expensive!


Need more than ON/OFF! Need CONTROL!

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Has anyone modified a Wemo Switch F7C027uk by adding an external Antenna ?

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Latest Wemo Firmware upgrade and iPhone app upgrade for the insight switch solved the sunrise / sunset clocking issue.  My Wemo system is now working perfectly Smiley Happy Thanks Wemo!!!

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by Alansmith92 on ‎03-24-2015 06:14 PM
in one of your cameras add a temperature sensor then add to the software the ability to read this temperature. Also include in the software the ability to set a lower and upper set point that will send a alarm to the controller smart phone if this limit is exceeded. Example. Freeze detector.
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WeMo Maker

by hartitman on ‎03-20-2015 11:01 AM

Can we have a multi channel maker and each channel appears as a seperate device in the application

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current flow, not just load

by jimmystimb on ‎03-19-2015 07:03 PM

Hi, I too would like to use the wemo insight to monitor my grid tie power output, so I can monitor it at work, and also remotely turn it off etc..But it won't work for grid tie current flow,  I also tried to make a cord so the flow was in the correct direction, but that doesn't work either. Kill-o-watt meter works just fine, but they don't have wifi funtion. This use if not so much for measuring load, but current flow going through the wemo. Please let me know if it's figured out, or lets try to find someone who can, thanks, Jimmy

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WeMo Bulbs

by Rp1504 on ‎03-19-2015 01:34 PM

I just purchased the WeMo switch and motion control. If I now order the WeMo bulbs alone, will they work with the switch and motion control that I just purchased or do I need to order another control to work the bulbs. I am thinking they will all work, say if I get three bulbs off of the switch and motion control I will be getting tomorrow.

Thank you for your replies

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Hi Everyone

I have a modest Wemo setup at home and it's expanding every few weeks but I do have a problem with my lights at night. This isn't a Wemo problem as such more of a logistics one, I think.

Every night my lights go off at 22:10, this gives me enough time from 22:00 to feed the cats, check the house is locked up and brush my teeth. Most nights this works perfectly, but some nights I stay up a bit later, this is where my problem comes in.

I have a Wemo sensor in the living room that I have set to switch my lights on if it detects movement from 22:10 to 5:30. This is ideal if I wake up at night and need to go downstairs to get glass of water.

If I stay up after 22:10 my lights go off then the sensor detects me and the lights come on (for ten minutes), is there a way for the lights not to go off in the first place if I'm detected?

Ideally I need to not tell my lights to go off at 22:10 but instead make a rule that says, if no movement is detected after 10 minutes from 22:00 switch off lights.

I can't seem to find that in the app. I can find the reverse, if movement is detected turn the lights on or off.

I have found that IFTTT can do it but I can't set a time for that to work, so it will keep my lights on in the morning if I'm up and walking around.

The only solution I can think of is having the Wemo sensor on an old fashioned timer that switches it on from 22:00 until 5:30 and have IFTTT take control, but having to rely on a cheap timer goes against the grain a bit.

I suppose the app is missing the 'if no movement is detected' rule. This would fix the issue straight away.

I hope all that makes sense and hopefully someone has had the same issue and managed to find a solution.

Many thanks for your time
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3-4 Way Switches

by sailordon1 on ‎03-17-2015 08:07 PM

To extend the 3-Way request, need to add 4-Way to the product family as well.

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I love the Wemo... My setup is to plug a desk lamp into it and use it as an alarm clock - when the alarm set in the Wemo turns on, the light turns on, waking me up (I can't hear at night since I have hearing aids).


I have a different alarm for each day of the week - my choice since my schedule varies.  Some days I wake up at 6am, some days 5am (usually it's M/F 6am, T/W/T 5am).


My beef - it takes about 8 clicks to change the time on an alarm... I wish this was streamlined so that at most, 2 clicks (enter setting, save setting) to get to the time.


Can this be done? There's lots of white space on the main alarm screen for additional buttons.



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hard wire plug

by jrm0074 on ‎03-12-2015 06:37 PM

Does anyone know if WeMo is planning on making an actual hard wired plug?  The switch is nice, but a plug would be better.  Also a remote not connected to your phone would be great.

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IFTTT for Smart Bulbs

by mbmosher on ‎03-12-2015 12:27 PM

It would be great to have an IFTTT channel for the Wemo smart bulbs / link.  IFTTT integration for the other Wemo products came out almost two years ago, what's the hold up on the bulbs?