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rule option of LED bulbs or Switch

by WeMoIan on ‎06-07-2015 07:33 AM

Can you make an option for a rule action  to have a LED blub flash on and off for say 5 seconds when motion is triggered?  I have been using IFTT to notify me by SMS when my cat is at the front door (IFFT motion sensor on camera) but sometime I miss the text so it would be also good if it could flash a Wemo LED light bulb several times as a visual alert in additon to the SMS?  This could also be useful as a visual doorbell for the hearing impaired.


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I wanted a way to turn off the Internet if the kids had not finished their homework. After some study I added a second router for a second home network. And then put a WeMo wi-Fi switch so that I could turn it off at midnight and back on at 6 AM automatically. I've then equipped my wife's phone and my phone with the app to turn it off or on manually when the kids complete their homework.
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Additional Trigger in the Wemo App

by BurghDOC on ‎05-28-2015 07:40 AM
Please add a wall switch being turned 'on' and a wall switch being turned 'off' as triggers to list list available in the app. Also add the ability to toggle a switch (change the state to the opposite) as a response. This would allow setting up three way switch applications. Wiring is changed so the one switch controls the light. The other is not connected to any output. It just acts as a trigger for the master. I currently use this function through IFTTT, but there is a delay that is unpleasent... I can live with the slight delay I experiance such as when using a Wemo motion to trigger a wall switch.
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<p>I just got into WEMO devices and I love them. I invision replacing all my wall switches with new WEMO ones but I can begin to really consider that without Dim capability built into the switch. I have many 3 way and even a 4 way switch so it would be even better if it had support for that as well. To go just one step further, couldn't it measure power consumption of whatever the switch is powering Smiley Happy</p>

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To be clear, the application is electric car charging.


I got a Renault Twizy, after the battery is fully charged, a noisy fan continues to run to freeze the charging board.

After full charge, power needed is much less than during charging. This should activate standby threshold.


I would like to minimeze the noise disturbing other people when the charge finishes.

An Auto off after standby feature shuld be great.


This could be greatly useful for any other type of system, where standby after activity, is unwanted, noisy, or disturbing (or maybe consuming your batteries in many charging process .....) 


In this way WEMO could be used to prolong lithium battery life. 

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An Osram led light set for RV awnings would be awesome! This would be a standout at campsites!

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wemo bulbs to blink.

by crysaeon on ‎05-11-2015 07:29 PM
Either in app or ifttt trigger. I wanted to set up a bulb to blink once or twice when motion occurs on dropcam or netcam ( I have both.)
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by Mrc999999 on ‎05-10-2015 06:36 AM
I have a heater with several rules set for its use. I often go away and need a rule that stops it being turned on until a particular date and time, before I return. At present I have to disable all the rules separately which takes ages.
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WeMo Switch

by fn96705 on ‎05-09-2015 07:51 PM

Just can't get my weMo Switch to work.  Won't connect to my wireless connection in my home.  Got a Westell router.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated.  

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IOS App idea

by eclipse01 on ‎05-08-2015 11:02 AM

Use the new app extension feature to put wemo controls from the app right in the notification .


Then you would not even have to go into the app.

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I use my motion sensor to control my lights. I have a rule set up to work from sunset to sunrise, but i want to set the rule to start 30 to 60 minutes before sunset and sunrise. It's no good having to put the lights on manually and then turn them off when I know the motion sensor starts working.
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A button in app to switch all lights and appliances off and then when pressed resume the rule where it left off.
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Google Now integration

by dreameruk on ‎05-01-2015 01:16 AM

I see in the news that Google's assistant software Google Now has just allowed 70 companies to piggy back onto it's service. I was wondering if Wemo had any plans to join them.

I know I can hack a solution using Tasks, but I've tried that and it isn't the best. It'd be better if it was official and I could just say to my phone, "Ok Google, Wemo coffee machine on", or something like that.

Here is a link to the Google apps that have been integrated: http://www.google.com/landing/now/integrations.html



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Hot water heater

by cbarksda on ‎04-30-2015 05:29 AM

Wemo controlled hot water heater timer.

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The current away mode does not make a house look natural.  Having lights go off for less than 5 minutes and then back on again is a barely noticeable difference..  It might make sense for a home with a single unit that needs to be on more than off but for those of us with several devices away mode looks like almost every room is on all the time.  Ideally we could set the min and max amount of time a light should be on and off.  In this way I could designate some rooms like a living room to be lit more and a bedroom might only be lit 10 minutes out of every hour.  This would provide the simulated appearance of people watching TV together in one room and one left to go find something in another room for a short time.


Range On and Offs would allow me to tell the Wemo to come on between a time range and go off in between a time range.  This would make a less predictable pattern.  In other words, I want a lamp to come on let's say between 7:00 and 8:00 not at the exact same time each night.  Going back to the living room scenario the family are not robots they eat then at some point they go turn on the living room light and watch TV they watch TV for a few hours and then go to bed.


Lastly, the TV bulb.  This idea is kind of out there but if you have ever really paid attention to your home or your neighbor's it is not hard to tell when a TV is on.  The TV light flashes and different colors are seen and therre is no doubt someone is in there watching TV.  So Belkin is probably already working on a multi-colored light bulb I propose a TV simulation mode for it.  Back one last time to the living room instead of a lamp the family is sitting in a darker room with a TV on which, of course, in reality is a lamp with a multi-colored bulb in TV mode.


My ideas might be a little too paranoid but in addition to home automation while we are home we all like the idea of extra piece of mind when away.

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WeMo WiFi 5.0

by trgrassijr55 on ‎04-17-2015 12:06 PM

When will WeMo devices support 5.0 Ghz on WiFi networks?


My Meraki Access Point support both 2.4 Ghz and 5.0 Ghz


For apartment living having 5.0 allows great thru put and no bleed over from all the AP's iin the development.



Please Advise



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WeMo App Setup Request

by trgrassijr55 on ‎04-17-2015 12:02 PM

I have been struggling with adding the WeMo app to my Ipad and another iPhone. My iPhone 6 Plus has WeMo app and works great.


The iPad and other iPhone just display the setup screen.


The app should have the ability to select an existing setup. IE


1. New Setup


2. Existing Setup please continue



Needs to be an easy way to add WeMo app to multiple iDevices.


Please advise



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Wemo Switch with a mobile app

by Lthunder2004 on ‎04-12-2015 07:55 PM

Few months ago, I am tired of the light blinks by kids played on the light switch. It is really annoying me crazied of that light blinks... I wonder someone added a new project of the light switch with any of the mobile app called the locker switch and this is my idea. Example, someone or kid tried to press the light switch will not respond to light on/off by the mobile app turns the locker on/off.

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Control Wemo from Your Bed

by sleepra ‎04-10-2015 10:35 PM - edited ‎04-10-2015 10:52 PM

Hello Wemo Community,


We're looking for some fresh ideas on how to make the Wemo even more useful through Sleepra integration.    Basically, the Sleepra converts any bed into a giant touchpad where unique gestures can be assigned to control smart devices, including, of course, the Wemo.  


One example of  Wemo integration is turning on/off a bedside lamp with a swipe on your bed, without needing to reach for a phone.   As fellow Wemo enthusiasts, are there any other cool applications you can think of?  Your ideas will help us focus our priorities as we build-out our API integration!


And, as a side-note, if your idea is to activate your bedroom's disco ball that's plugged into your Wemo, we are already aware of the overwhelming demand Smiley Wink.