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Change the size

by sollevs on ‎10-02-2014 07:38 AM

The WeMo is too wide.  When in a two socket outlet, it prevents anything being used in the second outlet because it is too wide.  Make it narrower please.

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Zigbee doorlock integration

by WEMO Maker Inventor on ‎09-27-2014 07:11 AM
Since the wemolink ( wemo led light starter kit ) is a zigbee hub . Would it be possible to update its firmware and the wemo app to add wemo the ability to control Kwickset or Yale zigbee enabled doorlocks and even more devices like. Doorbell and chime ??
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The slider is a nice option for dimming and brightening the WeMo lightbulbs, but it would be nice if at each end those bright/dim icons worked in 1% increments when you tapped them (instead of doing nothing).  Since they're already there...

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And can it be covered? Wanted to use this to monitor baby motion during sleep, but did not want the light to disturb the baby. Thanks!
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Location awareness

by hepcat72 on ‎09-10-2014 09:50 AM

Here's my use case:


Hardware setup: Window A/C unit plugged into WeMo switch.


Users: My wife & I.


Desired usage: Turn off when we leave, on when we arrive, and don't run it at night (i.e. turn it on in the morning *if we are there*)




First, I tried using IFTTT's iOS location services trigger for turning on/off the switch when I alone come & go and I found it to be very unreliable.  Many times, it just doesn't trigger when I come & go to & from work.  Life360 has been more reliable.


Second, I've set up Life360 and that works fairly reliably, however that doesn't control turning off the A/C at night and back on in the morning, so I set up a separate rule to do this.  It turns on at 5:30am and off at 10:30pm, BUT - it will do this whether we are there or not!  Also, if I arrive home AFTER 10:30pm, it will turn on the A/C.


I've tried using LIFTTT, but it is just as unreliable as IFTTT's iOS location services, PLUS it won't turn on the AC in the morning - we would have to arrive home for it to turn on.


So there are probably a few ways to address this.  I don't know which would be best, but here's an idea.


Provide a capability to control a timed on/off rule by location.  E.g. Only be active if I/we are home or not home.  E.g. Turn on the A/C at 5:30am IF one of us is home.  And, turn off the A/C at 10:30pm regardless.  There may have to be separate rules for turning on and turning off.


It would be nice if you could do this in IFTTT, but they don't support multiple conditions.  You can do time, or you can do location, but you can't combine them with an "AND".



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WeMo controlled pet feeder

by WeMoIan on ‎09-07-2014 08:13 PM

Having the ability to feed your pets (eg. cats, dogs, or even fish) over the weekend on a timer or remotely over the internet would be great.Cat Tongue

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The reason is that once you share your home wifi access with guest then they can download the WeMo App and take control of everything controlled by WeMo.  I don't mind sharing WiFi with family and friends but at the same time I want to have contorol of my WeMo controllable switches and not have kids or visitors messing with the rules that you have created.  Rigth now as it stands anyone you give access to your home WiFi can download the app and take control. A password and or user id could solve this easy.




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The NetCam would be a really great product if you could have a direct wifi feed to your mobile devices and computers (make a computer app too).  This way we are not dependent on the Seedonk service being up and running.  Apparently when the Seedonk server goes down everybody's cameras go off line even if they are at home and have perfect wifi local communication.  Also, there really should be an option to have the videos saved to your computer hard drive or mobile devices directly or other cloud services like google drive, drop box etc.  This should be easy to implement as during setup of the camera the camera preview is not through the internet but just WiFi.  But I guess it would take away from current users of the premium cloud service offered by Seedonk iSecurity + and maybe that is why it is not offered?


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2 out of three ideas that would fix my concerns have been moved to a planned state.  It would be nice to get a projection as to when they would be implimented.  The last one that I don't see being addressed yet is access wemo's on different wifi ssid's.  I have some at 2 locations now and I have to forget one location to connect to the other.  It would be nice to be able to pick the remembered network.  I also see that this would play havok with IFTTT as it needs to know all the wemo devices on the wemo channel.  I cannot see how you could create multiple Wemo channels for multiple locations...

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One WeMo Maker, Multiple Switches

by WEMO Maker Inventor on ‎09-03-2014 02:36 PM

I want to use a Maker to control four (and maybe more in the future) zones of outdoor low-voltage lighting. Currently need four Makers to do that. Could use a "Multi-Maker" that can control multiple circuits within one box.

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Triggers in the IFTTT WeMo Insight Switch Channel would be made much more powerful by adding a handful of Ingredients based on data the WeMo Insight Switch is already collecting. These include:


TimeInStandby (in seconds)
TimeTurnedOff (in seconds)
TimeOff (in seconds)- sum of TimeInStandby plus TimeTurnedOff
TimeOn (in seconds)
PowerWhileOn (in Watts)


Although it might make sense to have these Ingredients available for only certain Triggers, it would be simpler (and perhaps more powerful) to have them available for all Triggers.

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When using the IFTTT WeMo Insight Switch Channel, Triggers (e.g. 'Standby mode entered') include Ingredients (e.g. 'SwitchedToStandbyAt') that appear to be date/time stamps (e.g. 'August 30, 2014 at 03:35PM'). Unfortunately, if the Google Drive Channel is used to define an 'Add row to spreadsheet' Action, the 'timestamp' Ingredient is interpreted as text instead of a as a true timestamp that can be used in calculations or in charts. Moreover, the time is only displayed to the nearest minute, although there are applications where it would be useful to know the time to the nearest second.


Although spreadsheet functions can be used to extract a true timestamp, the resulting timestamps are still limited to the nearest minute, and it would be much simpler if a true timestamp were exported automatically.


I believe that this can be most easily remedied by changing the Ingredient value to look like 'August 30, 2014 03:35:15PM') by removing the word 'at' (twhich appears to disrupt the Google Sheet parsing of the timestamp) and adding seconds. An alternative would be to export the numeric serial number equivalent with a sufficient number of digits after the decimal point (5 or 6) to represent the nearest second, like '41881.649479'. This approach might be more confusing, because most people won't realize that all they need to do is choose an appropriate date/time format to make this display properly.

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Adjust sensitivity

by zeus on ‎08-30-2014 06:21 PM

I wish I could adjust the sensitivity of the sensor MOTION Wemo; take long to see a move and need to adjust its sensitivity to detect the movement faster.

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Adjust sensitivity

by zeus on ‎08-30-2014 06:20 PM

I wish I could adjust the sensitivity of the sensor MOTION Wemo; take long to see a move and need to adjust its sensitivity to detect the movement faster.

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by kevinbradt on ‎08-30-2014 07:23 AM

i think that there should be a wemo wired alarm system and a wemo wireless alarm system and wemo sterieos


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The trigger can be used to activate a signal for camera view, then touch button on WeMo app to trigger a remote vend, like a parking gate.
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Just wondering. Are the Wemo Maker Inventor icons based on the sex of the member?

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Using a Maker with a water sensor could have many uses.


Please comment and add to this list.


1. Animal water tank level while on vacation.

2. Sump pump controls.

3. Vacation home, cabin, hunting palace monitoring (ours is in a flood zone).


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Can  the Cost & Consumption Calculations be disabled  and/or deleted from Wemo Insite Switch.


Use the switches for Special Needs Clients and when they hit the calculation function ( by accident )  they get confused and "MAD"


Original Switches without calculations work just fine but how long before they are not available ??



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WeMo LED Lighting 5100K Light

by WEMO Maker Inventor on ‎08-23-2014 01:20 PM

Do pleple really want a yellow light?


As a photographer and a new home owner, I'm looking for like that is equal to daylight, and who wouldn't?


So let get the LED light to be 5100K or 5200K where is should be.


Also you need to make different tops for the bulbs.


Al lthe new houses being build now are pot light that have spot light shaped light.


Come on Belkin, you need to do your home work....