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I have a few of the original Smart Switch Plugs and they used to be very consistent. But now they disconnect almost every single day. Sometimes multiples times in one day. 


However, I also have two of the new Mini Switch Smart Plugs and they never disconnect. 


To the best of what I can tell the firmware is up to date.  But it's getting extremely frustrating to have to keep resetting them and they might not even stay connected for a whole evening forcing me to have the climb behind furniture before I go to bed to turn off lights. 


I've now moved my two most important lights to the mini switches. But I need a solution for the others. 



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Although my registration clearly states that I live in the UK, I regularly receive special offer emails for products which are only available in the USA.


Far from endearing me to your company, this just annoys me. I'm sure I'm not alone. Please can you fix this? It shouldn't be difficult.

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I would say about 60%+ of houses in Australia have a a combination Ceiling fan and light in every bedroom.


2, 3,4 bedrooms per house hold... Thats a lot of product..


It's too much of a habit to turn the lights off at the switch to make wireless bulbs useful in households with more than 1 person, and currently most the wireless bulbs of any decent wattage are still large to install into the Fans light fixtures.


Now with the Alexa and Google Home becoming more main stream in Australia, and the Google Home mini's on the way, this product would become very useful.



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wemo 360 security camera

by drichard on ‎10-09-2017 07:10 AM

the body style of amazon echo or smaller


the bottom would be the 2-way audio/speaker/ alarm  

next would be the 360-degree turning camera 

above that would be the internals to make the thing work/battery  


on the "back" (since the camera turns there really isn't a back) but a sd micro slot 

802.3af/at POE port 

now for the people who need wireless freedom... be able to dock the camera and have it charges so that you can move the camera wherever you like ....the trade-off would be it would only record when it senses movement and it would be to the sd card 

the charging system would either be like the clarisonic fit  or a type c port  type c port would be best 



I would LOVE the option to pan and zoom but can live without the zoom 

and of course homekit ready 


you bring this to market at $100-$150 and its game over it would be the best camera period and without that stupid monthly fee


oh and you sell camera sleeves to better help blend the camera to the style of the room it's in  



a web/app interface that allows me to see all my camera at once 



so if the door or window sensor is tripped the camera in that area starts recording and we get a notification all other cameras wake up ....we have the option to either have a siren play automatically 

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Allow to set threshold above 99W

by Roquito on ‎10-06-2017 07:24 AM
This is useful to trigger alerts when consumption is below 500W for example
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reverse polarity on relay

by CCLONDON on ‎10-03-2017 04:14 AM

I live on a boat and have just installed a wemo maker relay to remotely switch on my webasto calorifier (furness) via my phone. The problem I have is that the Wemo Maker is showing "'on" when the furness is switched off and it shows "off" when the furness is on. Any ideas on how I can reverse this?



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moved to how do i

by nutcr0cker ‎09-27-2017 03:21 PM - edited ‎09-27-2017 03:46 PM


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Wemo Google Home problems

by wsong on ‎09-24-2017 07:03 PM

Just talked with Wemo support and their developers failed to take into account that there are changes to Google Home.  If your google Home asks you to unlink your devices, DO NOT DO IT! Wait until Wemo/Belkin decides that supporting google home is a good use of resources.

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Wemo garage door operation

by Dan7360 on ‎09-22-2017 07:17 PM
A wemo switch to replace my manual garage door operation
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I've read a ferw artivcles about WEMO's integration with HomeKit, all dated from 5/2017, but there's nothing else beyond that date. This seems to be the only official announcement: http://www.belkin.com/us/support-article?articleNum=187953

Anyone here knows anything more?



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I have a video security system that supports 16 power over Ethernet cameras (POE). The system also supports 16 external component inputs via Normally Open or Normally closed contacts NO/NC. The provides me with a way to set up door and window contacts as well as motion sensors. I even have my analog doorbell system set up to give me a signal. Even my mailbox has a sensor for open and closed door.

The 16 video cameras can be configured to alert you via email if someone or something crosses a defined area in the camera view. These alerts are are often unreliable because they are triggered by the wind, birds, and moving tree branches.

The devices on the 16 NO/NC inputs are
solid and always give positive alerts and also send me emails when there is an alert from each of those 16 channels based on how you configure them.

The issue is that the video security system (aka NVR) has a very weak app. I can see the video live from the app. I can also replay recorded video. I can even turn video alerts on and off from the app. However, I can't control the external input alarms unless I log into the system. When I come home and start tripping devices my phone goes off like crazy with alerts and continues as I open and close doors and windows throughout the day.

So, I bought a 16 channel relay board for $15 dollars on Amazon and bought a single 12v relay for about $7 dollars that turns the 16 channel relay board on and off. I wired all my 16 alarm inputs from the various devices through the 16 channel relay. Plugged the single relay into the wemo and connect the single relay to the 16 channel relay board. Now I have a way to arm and disarm the 16 inputs. I can walk into my house and tell Alexa to turn off the system. This kills he power to the single relay pulling the 16 channels to ground and open. In this condition alarms can't go from the devices (door and windows sensors and motion sensors) to the NVR. I can tell Alexa to turn on the system when I leave which powers the single relay and switches all the 16 relays to closed and allows alarms to go through to the NVT. Or, if I forget to arm the system when I leave home I can turn it on via the wemo app.

Just another useful way to use a $30 wemo.
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Wemo Account

by dkirbyechs on ‎09-15-2017 05:17 PM
These devices need a username/password and trusted device system. This would allow support for managing devices in multiple locations, better integration with other systems, and a web portal for management.
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It would be great if I could set a rule that if turn on/off a light switch my wemo outlet will follow suit

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Ifttt trigger enhancements to work better

by ssmeke ‎09-09-2017 06:50 PM - edited ‎09-09-2017 06:52 PM

Currently, the ifttt triggers for:

Off and on
- and -
On and off

Function by sending two triggers to the device. This presents a problem when using wemo devices to toggle devices which affect the network.

A very strong use case for a wemo outlet is to restart a router if network connection is lost, or upon getting a request by any ifttt trigger. This small change could enable those situations to function. Currently, a "off then on" instruction to a wemo outlet powering a router will just shut it down, never to start again.


Tldr; iftt "off then on" and "on then off" instructions should not require two separate network requests.

Thank you,

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Hi - just got off the phone with Wemo Support.  Agent tried his best and actually got to someone who could answer the questions.  However - the answer CONFIRMED my suspicion that WEMO devices have a major design flaw.  Basically anyone with the WEMO APP who can get on the same WIFI network as your devices will be able to control them.  The APP (and devices) are designed to automatically detect each other - even if they've never been set up to work together. Sure my wifi has WPA2 with a complex pasephrase, but anything can be hacked (HOME DEPOT Credit Card scandle anyone).   At very least if the devises had to belong to a user account with user name, password and maybe even 2-step verification (Google Authenticator is free), it would considerable increase the security and solve a few other problems...namely Multi-location control.


Security risks aside...which I don't event want to think about in too much detail...This design flaw makes setting up 2 locations (which already requires a workaround - take your pick of the options) impossible for anyone with even basic home automation aspirations (probably WEMOs target market).  The minute you connect to the WiFi at your secondary location (even if the phone has never been there) it autodetects the Wemo devices on the local WiFi and puts all the devices in the Primary location (which you probably want to control remotely, since you are not physically there...) in not detected mode.  WEMO's solution: go on cellular data or use the "Guest Network" oh wait...now all the other home automation or media stuff I have in my secondary location (AppleTV, Chromecast) can't be accessed becasue i'm not on the same SSID...anyone find this completely ABSURD????


Why don't the WEMO devices come with a massive warning lable about this stuff?


This shoudl be an easy fix...I can thank of so many solution (and others have it fixed - NEST has no issues with multiple locations and it controls your HVAC and Smoke Alarms and a host of Cameras, it even organizes them neatly into differen locations - all work perfectly).


Come On BELKIN - stop messing around with stupid little upgrades and actually fix the major design flaw in the whole WEMO system.

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Ceiling Fan

by dbeish on ‎08-28-2017 09:16 PM
Any consideration to building a ceiling fan that works with WEMO. The existing remotes that most fans come with look awful when attached to the wall. It would be nice to have control over a ceiling fan to set programs to cool the house. Would love to see a WEMO enabled ceiling fan. I have 15 wemo switches in our house and love them a lot.
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WeMo Products & Enhancements

by Sshlansky on ‎08-18-2017 04:58 PM
Need a WeMo mini dimmer for lamps and such. Also the WeMo mini form factor should have two recepticalss on the ends flattening it out for better furniture to wall clearance. And two, well that's obvious.
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I've set rules on my new wemo switch.  


1.  turn on with sunrise

2.  turn off with sunset

3.  turn off when nest is away

4.  turn on when nest is not away



I'd like rule #2 to override rule #4.  is this possible?   


example.   wemo turns on in the morning, but when everyone goes to work, it shuts off.   When you return home, it turns the switch back on.   At sunset, the switch turns back off, but will not cycle again should someone leave the house after sunset and come back, only a sunrise will turn the switch back on after sunset. 

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Wemo Stand Up Fan

by Stumpy48 on ‎08-13-2017 06:56 PM
A Tower fan like a Lasko Extra Air but a wemo version so we can tell Alexa or the wemo app to turn on and off for those disabled that could just use instead of needing a remote (that could be lost) or to get up and access.