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Single Gang Multi-switch Wemo

by swzura on ‎09-20-2018 02:43 PM

HI WEMO team! Aside from the 3-way+ switches one of the other needs is something for bathrooms and other older home installations. I have two spots in my home where a single gang double switch would be needed. 


The first is in the bathroom where it's one switch for the light and the other for the fan, the other has the interior lights and the porch light. One could potentially try to rip out the old gang box and put a double gang in or cut a new hole in to install a second switch, but a solution like this would be much cleaner and definitely preferred. 

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I was able to set up my Wemo Mini Smart Plug and used it successfully with the app (ver 1.21).  However, when I remove the Smart Plug from its power source or momentarily cycle the power on a power strip that is powering the Smart Plug, it will not reconnect to the network.  The status light is initially steady white for a few seconds then transitions to flashing white then changes to flashing orange.  My phone app will then show that the devices I had previously set and and operated properly are "not detected."  The only fix I was able to come up with was to hold the power button until the status light started flashing white the release the power button until the status light alternately flashed white and orange then I opened the app and reinstalled the device again!  I don't want to be away from my house and have the power cycle or power loss for some reason then have all my Wemo Smart Plugs become inoperative until I return home and reinstall them.  Is there a fix or solution for this problem?

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Mini switch

by txmmoore on ‎09-12-2018 09:01 AM

Now that Belkin has come out with the mini-switches, it would be great if they could add a dimmer function to these new divices.  It would be nice to plug a floor lamp into one of these, and have it come on at a certain time to a certain brightness!

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by cfogri1 ‎09-11-2018 10:57 AM - edited ‎09-11-2018 11:23 AM

I have 2 access points with the same SSID, and the WEMO devices I have (smart switch F7C027) stays connected to access point #1, which they were set up with, even though access point #2 has a much stronger signal. Access point #2 is where the devices are located and used. The devices will always connect to the access point #1 the weaker signal and never connect to access point #2. Note: Even after a Reboot. WEMO devices should be allowed to roam to the stronger SSID access points. Weaker SSID connections lowers the throughput data rate and the devices become buggy, the Roaming functions should be turned on in the firmware. 

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Wemo bridge UK

by markymark2406 on ‎09-03-2018 11:50 PM
Can you inform everyone in here why the Wemo Bridge has been cancelled in the UK and Europe? Also can you see a problem if a wemo bridge is purchased from the US and plugged into a power converter (ie 240volt to 110volt) why the wemo bridge wouldn’t work ?
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Feedback -- 5 ideas

by intel1919 on ‎09-01-2018 07:58 AM

1.  Web Interface.  Enough said....  See other posts

2.  Control multiple homes/sites.

3.  Groupings or Tags to better organize the many units in my homes.  Heck, even allow alphabetical ordering as a way to organize....

4.  Fix the 2.4/5 Ghx same SSID issue.  Not standard "best practice" to broadcast both bands on two different SSIDs.   Fix this problem that your device is mature/smart enough to work in this configuration, like competing products (smart life)

5.  Ability to reboot devices - vs unplug/reset at actual device.  Make it hard to do, but give me a way to reboot device (not to be confused with resetting to reconfigure).

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WeMo mini???

by txmmoore on ‎08-27-2018 04:44 AM

Instead of producingthe WeMo mini, I think a WeMo socket would have been better.  I would love to have a standard socket that can be turned on/off via wifi.  This would really come in handy!

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Since a while (1 month) my Ligth switch doesn't obey the programmed rules that also affect a WEMO Insight correctly.

Any Idea? What do you suggest?

Firmware: WeMo_WW_2.00.11057.PVT-OWRT-LS



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Dimmer Switch lock

by rjphllps7 on ‎08-22-2018 06:31 PM
Is there a way that we can lock the light on so my kids can not reach up and turn on and off all the time? Say lock it with a hard press or a double press and do the same to unlock it.?
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Outdoor plug

by meckisland on ‎08-21-2018 08:19 AM
We need an outdoor WEMO PLUG! Much like iHome or iDevice so that we can stay in the whole WEMO ecosystem.
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control CAME gates with Apple home.

by 15emclean on ‎08-12-2018 05:34 PM


i know that wemo used to manufacture the ‘maker’ which was a dry contact relay controlled via the ecosystem which would have been ideal for my situation, but it is no longer supported. All I need to do to control my gates is for two wires to make contact. This can be done with a simple dry relay, but it is the apple home aspect of this that makes it difficult. The only option really is to try and use a wemo switch to trigger a relay to operate the gate but I can’t find any way to do this apart from a discussion somewhere else on this forum, but the relay needed is not sold anywhere in the UK. any help with this would be appreciated 

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Smart Button

by DentalBeaker on ‎08-08-2018 05:22 PM
You need a smart button like the Phillips hue tap or the Logitech pop. A wireless solution! Even if it runs on battery.
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New wemo devices?

by woodstreet101 on ‎07-30-2018 09:47 PM
Any update from wemo on new devices? It’s mid 2018...time to add some new devices and up people’s interest. Dimable 3 way switches, in wall outlets with usb, ceiling fan switches with findable light and fan control, outdoor rated outlets/boxes, outdoor landscape light transformers.
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New wemo devices?

by woodstreet101 on ‎07-30-2018 09:46 PM
Any update from wemo on new devices? It’s mid 2018...time to add some new devices and up people’s interest. Dimable 3 way switches, in wall outlets with usb, ceiling fan switches with findable light and fan control, outdoor rated outlets/boxes, outdoor landscape light transformers.
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WEMO App messages sounds - more options

by Daggo on ‎07-27-2018 03:05 AM
Hey what about the option to choose your own sounds (or more selection) for push messages within your app? The WEMO app messages with the default sound get lost in the shuffle.
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I am having a problem with two WEMO mini switches I installed a month ago to use with Amazon echo devices.  The problem occurs when i have a power outage; otherwise, the switches work great.  After a power outage, the switches are unresponsive to Alexa voice commands.  The switches appear in the WEMO app and can be controlled by the WEMO app.  In addition, the swtiches appear in the Alexa app and can be controlled by the Alexa app.  Unfortunately, when I try to control the switches with voice commands, Alexa responsed with something like, "The device cannot be reached, Please check your network connection."  I can get the voice commends to work if I disable the WEMO skill within the Alexa app and then re-enable the WEMO skill.  


Is there anythin I can do to control the WEMO swtiches with voice commands after a power outage without having to disable and re-enable the WEMO skill within the Alexa app?

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Manythings and IFTTT

by Congored on ‎07-23-2018 10:07 AM
I want to use Manythings with ifttt, using my WEMO socket to power the camera (iPhone)

Does anyone know if I can trigger the socket to turn on when the phone has less than 20% charge and then off when it’s at 100%?
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Why has wemo /Belkon not addressed this issue? There are hundreds of posts and questions regarding this issue! And silence from them. Do you have plans to release such and item and if so when? Times ticking you’re losing customers daily to your competitors!