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Crockpot delay timer.

by Kevdog27 on ‎12-15-2017 08:03 PM
It would be nice if I could tell the crockpot to cook on low for 6 hours and to start cooking at a specific time. Like turn on at 1 am and be ready at 7 am.
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It would be useful to have a means of scheduling my outlet to come on every OTHER week.


Right now I have to reprogram it every week. 


Even better would be the ability to schedule for a month or a year.

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When on the same wifi as my wemo device, I'd expect to be able to control said device even when the cloud service is unreachable.


Other forum posts list a number of paid 3rd party apps which allow this, so I wouldn't expect many technical challenges in implementing this feature.

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wemo mini plug location

by jimeh1952 on ‎12-12-2017 12:32 PM

If on the wemo mini switch if the female plug was 90° different that where it currently is located, it would be easier to put the plug behind dressers, tables or chairs. Right now the female plug is opposite of the male plug that goes into the electric wall plug.


That would allow easier installation when there is a limited amount of room..

3 and 4-way switches -- please!

by TheQ on ‎12-09-2017 09:57 PM
I have a Wemo switch on most single pole light switches in my home. I would love to wire up my 3 and 4 easy switches, but you don't support it. Please fill this need. You could use ad-hoc wireless communication to communicate the state of each switch to the others in a group.
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Auto-Off Implementation

by jodasoel on ‎12-07-2017 07:30 AM

After years of using the Insight, I finally decided to snag a Lightswitch. Specifically, I was looking for a timed switch, that will make sure it turns off when someone leaves it on--a perfect job for Auto-Off Timer, right? 


Yeah, wrong.


Turns out that subsequent presses of the switch simply reset the timer. Say I have the Auto-Off rule set for 1 min. (The switch is a closet light). I go in, do my thing, and then turn the light off as i'm leaving...NOPE! We're back to a minute. OK, so I'll turn it off in the app, NOPE! same functionality. 


So how about it Belkin, can we at least have the choice of what subsequent button presses do with auto-off timer? I can see use cases where you'd want to reset the timer, but it seems like the more practical one, is that you override/cancel the timer...you know use a light switch like a light switch? (Keyword: switch...to change state). The thing with smart switches, is I want them to function like a switch, but to be smart about it. This is not how to be smart about it.

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Mirror Switches

by juliand on ‎12-05-2017 02:24 PM

I see that the app allows control of multiple switches from a single switch using a long press. My idea is to extend this idea in one of two ways, maybe both.


1. Allow the same control based on a short press

2. More interestingly is to allow the creation of a "mirror group" such that any state of one switch is reflected in all the switches.


For the second option, there is obviously a problem with keeping everything in sync - but I think that can be solved by defining one switch as the master, and all the rest as slaves - an event on a slave, does not make any actual changes on the slave, only on the master - the master then sends the state to the slaves. The slaves would not even appear in the Wemo app main device screen.


This is different from a scene, in that the switch states are not independent. If you have a load on a slave, it can't be independently controlled from the rest of the loads on the other switches.


This basically allows for an N-way switch setup - but not having a load on one of the switches, mutiple switches can control that load.

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help with echo dot

by Frank9 on ‎12-04-2017 09:12 PM

when wemo switch turns on my lights at sunset. I would like to have my echo dot announce that the light was turned on.

can this be done, if so how


thanke frank9

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Tyoe A bulbs

by harchh on ‎12-03-2017 11:53 AM
Wemo should make type A led bulbs, perhaps that use the little hub from your old product. The killer fearure is an integrate touch button on the bulb for on/off control without app use. Thanks!
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Two way light switch

by harchh on ‎12-03-2017 11:46 AM
I would like a two-way version of the wemo light switch. I have many lights that are wired as two way. Thanks!
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WeMO Switch WiFi Extender issue

by aangle on ‎11-28-2017 01:46 AM

I have one Wemo Switch I installed over a year ago, linked to my main network and have not had an issue with it since, it just works. I have two other switches in a further location/room that need to use the WiFi extender that is hard wired in that room back to the same network. I have NEVER been able to get then to stay linked consistently. It is not a WiFi issue as the TV that uses the same WiFi extender signal works consistently. Best I have it is that they will stay connected for maybe 2 weeks and then when get used to having them they fail me and disconnect for no reason that I can figure out. Any advice on how to solve this issue? 

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3:59 minutes is not long enough for a custom time period on the auto on/off feature based on the sun. Can this be increased?

Index my devices alphabetically

by Fred on ‎11-26-2017 06:41 PM
Wemo devices, in the 1st page of the app, should be alphabetical to make them easier to find. Listing is now “last installed at the bottom of the list “. Belkin, Please do this

If you are a consumer like me, there's a chance you bought the WEMO dimmer thinking the blue light below the timmer looks great as shown in most marketing materials. Well to my surprise, that light goes away when dimmer is all set up, and there's no way to change the behavior of the indicator light!


My suggestion is to allow end users to choose what the indicator light below the dimmer does. In my case, i'd like to make the indicator light below the dimmer stay on all the time or when the lights are off. 

In addition, since that's an RGB light, it would be awesome to let us use a color wheel to change the color as well.


Thanks! I'm eager to hear everyone's comments!

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Standard Switch Wemo

by TGMCHome on ‎11-24-2017 06:41 PM

In my house I have 4 regular light switches all right next to each other. They control, kitchen, dining room, and entry way. I would love to put a WEMO wifi switch in there, but then I would have 4 big wide buttoned WEMO switches right next to each other.


I need a WEMO switch like the

GE - Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Add-On Toggle Switch - White


So I can still use my regular switch plate. I could go and find a switch plate that is made for 4 wide button switches but most I see are white, and all the ones through the whole house are stainless steel metal ones.


SO PLEASE! Make a WEMO switch that fits into a regulare light switch opening, so all I have to replace is the switch in the wall.

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Wemo Toilet Seat

by TGMCHome on ‎11-24-2017 06:34 PM

I need a WEMO toilet seat! We already have the toilet seats that lower slowly. It would be nice if I had a WEMO that would put the seat down when I forget. So I go back to living room and think, "Did I leave the seat up!?" I can check my cell phone see the WEMO toilet seat whether it is in engaged or not, if not click lower and stay out of trouble.

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If Wemo were to allow us to set the same rules for long-press that we have for short press we could finally have 3-way switching! One Wemo switch would be hooked up to the light, the other would be capped of and not hooked up to a load. On the second you'd simply set a rule to toggle the first switch. Bingo - 3 way switch capability!

Allow lower dimmer values

by mikesk on ‎11-21-2017 03:29 PM

The lowest calibration setting for Wemo dimmers is still too bright for most LED dimmer setups. I realize this was probably an intentional design decision to prevent support calls due to flickering / buzzing issue. But I feel this should be enabled for power users who request it. Maybe it could be hidden behind an "are you sure" type warning.

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WEMO DImmer Faceplates??

by Beeman20 on ‎11-21-2017 07:16 AM

This may sound silly but I've successfully installed 2 WEMO dimmer switches and they work great.  Only issue is that the faceplates that come with the dimmers are difficult to place back onto the dimmers once they're installed.  I keep pushing them on, waiting fot the satisfying "click" that tells me they're snapped in but I never get that.  Instead they slip right off with a slight tug.  Does anyone have a suggestion?

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When I unplug or plug in an Android device so that it's charging this should be a positive indicator that I am awake. I would like to be able to turn on my WeMo but only if I'm at my home location. It's silly for me to turn on the lights in my house if I plug my phone into my car to charge. I should be able to turn my lights on by unplugging my phone but only if I'm at home.