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Please tell me how to change another name for WEMO in my WiFi list so my neighbor won't know I have wemo?

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WeMo Products & Enhancements

by Sshlansky on ‎08-18-2017 04:58 PM
Need a WeMo mini dimmer for lamps and such. Also the WeMo mini form factor should have two recepticalss on the ends flattening it out for better furniture to wall clearance. And two, well that's obvious.
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I've set rules on my new wemo switch.  


1.  turn on with sunrise

2.  turn off with sunset

3.  turn off when nest is away

4.  turn on when nest is not away



I'd like rule #2 to override rule #4.  is this possible?   


example.   wemo turns on in the morning, but when everyone goes to work, it shuts off.   When you return home, it turns the switch back on.   At sunset, the switch turns back off, but will not cycle again should someone leave the house after sunset and come back, only a sunrise will turn the switch back on after sunset. 

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Wemo Stand Up Fan

by Stumpy48 on ‎08-13-2017 06:56 PM
A Tower fan like a Lasko Extra Air but a wemo version so we can tell Alexa or the wemo app to turn on and off for those disabled that could just use instead of needing a remote (that could be lost) or to get up and access.
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by KenedyAgrela on ‎08-12-2017 05:33 PM
Hi there!

My name is Kenedy Agrela and I'm a Panamanian who's very very interested in making WeMo products stand up in this country! I super love WeMo products! All of them!! And I'm 100 % sure that WeMo products (especially Belkin) will really figure out in this country being the biggest company implementing really really easy domotic gadgets!!

1. There are no products like WeMo anywhere in Panama! So I'm really sure it would be innovating here!

2. Panama is in a really huge grown! The Panamanian economy has grown in the recent years an average of 10 %! That's a lot!!

3. You can see an important investment here in the capital (Panama City)

4. I know the perfect way to get into the market. Best strategy and logistics

5. And you have the best seller and lover of WeMo products (me)

Please!! Tell me anything about this great great idea!

Waiting for your answer!

Kenedy Agrela
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Add a toggle switch for "Overcast Weather" to auto adjust on/off when scheduling Sunset/Sunrise. When the weather is overcast, I wish the Wemo device turns on sooner; but when the weather is clear, I'd like the wemo device turn on exactly at sunset.

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by Wemo77 on ‎08-11-2017 11:21 AM
Hi, Can I please put in a request to add a &quot;Auto-On&quot; option in the rule set, This can be used after blackouts (after power is applied to Wemo device, the output turn on after time x).<br>Also if the device is triggered, I.e. If the output of the device is turned off from the App, Device button, IFTTT, etc. After x time the device automatically turns the output back on. Can be used as a reset for the connected device.
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Pool automation with 3 wemo switches

by backpaqer on ‎08-02-2017 09:58 PM

My boss wanted a cheap way of automating his pool and didn't want to go down the $3000 route I did. He realised that he could wemo his pool pump and then add a secondary wemo to add control over whether the heater turns on or not. He only wants to heat his spa...but not his pool. Again, very simple. Then the tricky bit is how do you control a pool valve actuator to automatically shift the water flow from sucking water from the pool into the spa to cycling the water only through the spa so it heats up?


I came up with a simple solution that involves using a Jandy valve actuator that needs 24VAC to drive it. It comes with 3 leads (red, white and black as "common") by applying 24VAC to red and black, the actuator will turn the value in one direction until it hits the stop set within the unit (the power is then cut within the actuator automatically). To turn the valve the other way, just apply 24VAC to the white and black pair of wires until the opposite stop is met.


To do this with a wemo, I figured that we could simply plug a 24VAC transformer into a normal socket (or even off the pump - so that the pump needs to be running to change the valve to save a little bit more power). This would automatically drive the valve to a default position - then use a wemo to power a 12VDC adaptor to power a DPDT relay to flip the 24VAC from the primary pair (say red + black) to the alternate pair (white + black). So this wemo being on represents valve sourcing water from spa and wemo being off represents sourcing water from pool.


This means he has a simple 3-wemo pool automation solution which we will now investigate the options for setting the use-cases of "normal pool cycle mode", "spa demand mode"

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Wemo app not responding

by H1901 on ‎08-01-2017 01:37 AM

Hi, I'm having a lot of trouble with the wemo app, on all available iPhones. I go into the app and an add comes up for Amazon Alexa that I can't get rid of. Have tried deleting and re installing. Doesn't work



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Everyone keeps talks about the need for 3 way switches.  Belkin could solve this issue with a quick and unviersal solution. 


X10, Insteon and Ohters solved this problem years ago. 


They created 4 and 8 button keypads that will control multiple lights around the house.  It would be amazing if Belkin did the same.  Something like this to start:




or this




Make it in single and multiple button options.  The design behind this idea is very basic and something I would think their engineering team could work up fairly quickly.   The bigest hurdle is how to program the keypad,  but the mobil app should have no issues doing that. 


This was our solution for doing x10 3 way switches for years and is a simple install and as plug and play as the standard switch is. 

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Alarm Clock

by vertibray on ‎07-29-2017 03:03 PM

It would great to have an alarm clock with and 4 on/off button for programming devices.  You could have the buttons be manual and set for independent on and off times with snooze and security mode to vary within an hour.  These could be set by rules.

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I don’t have AC in my apartment, so it’s be useful to have a window fan turn on if it gets above a certain temperature according to my Nest.
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Wemo Insight Switch and Raspberry Pi

by dwindey1 on ‎07-19-2017 11:05 AM

Wemo's Smart Switches are good quality divices, but lack support for real insight in power consumption and more complex switching commands.  In there basic setting there just convenient if you want to turn of the light and don't like to come out of your chair, of just very expensive timer switches...


After a bit of studying however, I got a LOT more functionalities out of them using a Raspberry Pi.

Using SOAP commands with PHP I am able to get real time information out of the Wemo. 


Some examples :

  • consumption patern of devices.  polling the wemo every minute and requesting the actual total power consumption and storing it in a database.  gives very precise information on paterns, peak power, standby power, duration of a cycle, etc...  I have monitored every devices in the house this way and was able to reduces our total power consumption by 10%
  • send an SMS when the dishwasher is ready
  • delayed powering on the dishwasher.  when there is enough green power from our solar panels or wind farm, the dishwasher is switched on.  The Raspberry Pi downloads data from usefull sources to make the desisions.
  • emaildaily report on power consumption of specific devices

If Belkin would make there devices a bit more open source, there would be a lot more posibilities. 


There is still room for improvement on the Wemo part.  Push events would be one of them.  It can not be such a great deal to have Wemo sent HTTP POST requests to a server...



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Light bulb 2700 calvin colour

by Sanderzwarthoed on ‎07-19-2017 08:30 AM
Light is cold white and the most people i know want warm white
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by ABCD on ‎07-19-2017 06:36 AM

I tried to ask this question to Belkin Support, but they don't seem very keen on actually offering support & I got stuck in an endless ring of unhelpful FAQs. I'm hoping someone here might be able to help.


i have a home wifi network with a guest network that is created by a second router that is connected via Ethernet to my first router. Tomorrow I am receiving a a WeMo Insight Plug. I would like two things:


1) to be able to prevent people on the local guest network using the WeMo Switch.

2) to prevent people people on the global network from accessing the switch (other than me)


i am guessing the switch connects to Belkin Servers and they have some security to prevent random global access? 


Locally I am much less certain; is the Belkin WeMo switch connected only to a password protected WeMo Account? 


Or maybe I can use the main router to give the device a static home IP address and change the settings of the guest router to block local traffic to the device? The WeMo device will be connected to my personal network. 


What at do you think? Thanks. 



Power failure alerts

by Tipnel on ‎07-18-2017 08:38 AM
A single plugin to a circuit that will alert you when the power goes out. This could alert you to outtiges for refrigerators, freezers, home security, ect. It could include a failsafe power back-up for a mobile alart system.
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Nest has already done this. 


Please create a WEMO app for Apple TV that allows one to check the netcam feed via appletv.

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Title of request says it al please make this happen to greatly expand our automation capabilities
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WEMO Door Bell

by Dan7360 on ‎07-02-2017 11:16 AM


A nice Door bell that interacts with WEMO swithes to turn on porch light and Foyer lights when the door bell is pushed