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Request: WiFi Water Leak Sensor

by Magnolia on ‎05-18-2018 05:21 AM
Please make a WiFi (no hub req.), 2-stage, plug-in (with backup battery) water leak sensor that seamlessly works with your other great Wemo products. If a leak in my basement is detected I’d like it to automatically turn on my Wayne WaterBug pump. Other products range from $20 to $100+ but none contain ALL the features stated here. Must also be IFTTT, Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google compatible also. Thank you!
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Wemo Apps For Laptop PC Computers

by acvegas on ‎05-17-2018 08:41 PM

Just a suggestion:


I have the WeMo App (Light/AC Switch Control) for Smart Phones.  You should also have WeMo Light Control & Wireless Camera program/app for PC-Windows 10 Laptop Computers and tablets. PC Computers still do exist.


This company does: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Reolink-WiFi-Camera-w-SD-Card-HD-4MP-IP-Video-Audio-Surveil...


This company above (Reolink) allows the user to remotely view their camera via: free Reolink App on the user's mobile device, free Reolink Client on the user's computer, web browsers (IE, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc.).


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Here's an idea: don't censor posts critical of your support service and practices.  Focus instead on fixing those poor and misleading practices.


I've already spent too much money on these devices, you'll not be getting another cent out of me until you sort out your existing problems.


There are quite a few good (as in we've spent a lot of money on wemo devices) but unhappy customers here.  Censoring us by deleting posts with no warning or indication just because they are critical is a disservice - you should learn from them instead.


I'm curious - is this censoring practice advocated by belkin, or is it unilateral by the 3rd party that's providing support?


Does this practice also apply to the reviews left on your shopping site by your customers, are they questionable as well?


I will be pointing out on other independent IoT communities that you censor posts and reviews.  Including a screen shot of this one before it disappears.

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The WeMo app can use motion detection to trigger events ... why not add motion detection capabilities of the WeMo Netcam HD cameras to HomeKit through the WeMo bridge? I've given up any hope that the actual video feeds will be available to HomeKit ... but motion detection would be a great addition.

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Switch off after x amount of time

by Putykat on ‎05-04-2018 07:13 PM
For forgetful people it would be nice to have a rule that would turn the switch off after certain amount of time. i.e. Me, coffee pot. Thanks.
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New Dual Band Router Won't Connect

by dbroo on ‎05-03-2018 08:33 PM

I just installed a new Asus dual band router. My two Wemo smart plugs were working find before the new router. Now they won't work at all. I've tried hard resets on the plugs with no luck. I've reinstalled the app with no luck. I've restarted the phone. I've tried doing it in airplane mode (which apparently worked for one user) with no luck. I'm absolutely using the 2.4 and not the 5g network. The router is right next to the plug so there is no signal issue. I can intermitently find the plug using wifi. I've been able to rename it multiple times. But ultimately, I can't get the app to find the plug to install. On one hand it seems like an app issue, but everything was fine until the new router was installed. 

I've spent way too much time trying to fix this. 

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Ceiling fan speed

by Pmyers20 on ‎04-30-2018 11:27 AM
Can you create a product that allows you to control ceiling fan speed similar to the ge z wave. Thanks
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Feature request: interval timer

by msb on ‎04-29-2018 06:03 PM

If I need y Wemo switch to cycle on/off every 15 minutes I would need to write 96 rules -- not at all practcal. Can you PLEASE enhace rules to allow the WEMO to function as an interval timer. 



Between 8 am and 8 pm

Turn Devicename ON at 8am and toggle off/on every 15 minutes

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WEMO Dimmer Installation Issue

by metler on ‎04-29-2018 04:20 PM

I have 3 Wemo swiths, 2 Wemo cameras and 3 Wemo bulbs with hub.  I am having no problems with any of the previous Wemo products. 


Yesterday, I purchased a Wemo dimmer and it will not install.  I am installing it in a location that did have a Wemo switch that has worked for about 5 years.  The switch will not connect to wifi.  I follow the procedures, log onto dimmer wifi, configure the LED dimmable light bulds, and the dimmer will NOT connect to the wifi.  I have tried multiple times without success.  I reset the switch multiple times and went from scratch.  I know the wifi works due to other switch, bulbs, cameras all working in the area.  I did move the router into the room with the dimmer but that also did not work.


I purchased the dimmer at Best Buy and I have already traded it out, with exactly the same result.  Remember, this was a Wemo switch prior to attempting to install the dimmer.


Have not observed any solutions thus far on this blog.


Stephen Metler


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Outdoor smart plug

by Robertr357 on ‎04-29-2018 08:25 AM
Do you have any plans on making an outdoor smart plug that is weather proof? I bought an outdoor device from a different (unknown) company on amazon and didn't feel comfortable connecting it to my wifi.
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Switch Color

by crjones2012 on ‎04-23-2018 08:02 PM
How about some optional colors for the switches. I could use some black ones
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How do I downgrade light switches

by ikifar2012 on ‎04-23-2018 05:25 PM

I have been on the phone with WEMO there is a bug with the firmware and they are working on fixing it. (You can check out my other form post for more info on that). Anyway I am really getting fed up waiting for this update. How do I downgrade

Supporting two or more locations (such as home and work or two homes) would be amazing. Just add login credentials just like ring and ever other app out there. I love the switches and the new dimmer switch. Besides bug fixes and fixing firmware issues this would make it a solid product.
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Lock intensity on dimmer switch

by 88goat on ‎04-22-2018 06:23 PM
I think it would be convenient to be able to lock the intensity level of the dimmer switch (at 20% for example) so that it won’t be inadvertently changed in the app or especially the physical switch.
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Problem: If you use the WeMo Mini to reboot your router, you will be disconnected from the WeMo Mini, because if the router is switched off, you will not be able to access your WeMo Mini.


Solution: Add a option in the app to turn off the WeMo Mini, but it will automatically restart at either a 30-second, or 6-second period. It will automatically restart, and you will have router access restored. It could be set for power failures, too.


Remember, if you have a WeMo Mini controlling power to your router, and you turn it off, you are completely locked out. Having an option to restart at a set interval will allow restoration of the contact. This could also come in handy if your power goes out, and the feature is set to restore power 60 seconds after the power failure is over (it wants to be on if it was on prior to power loss).


I know it sounds complicated, but it should be able to be done with a firmware and app update. I saw another post about "brown outs" that raised a similar concern, but not related to your router.


by Caz on ‎04-21-2018 04:27 AM

WeMo maker with home control PLEASE

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Auto On

by wiedemann_kurt on ‎04-20-2018 10:00 PM
You have auto off. I need auto on. I like to turn off my pumps for mt aquarium when i feed and this works great as I don't need to get under the cabinet. I'd like it to turn back on in say 15 minutes. Please help
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Last idea implemented by Belkin

by PeterJameson on ‎04-20-2018 12:13 AM

Hi all


When was the last idea that was submitted by its customers implemented by Belkin?


‎26-09-2014 10:09 PM


Is it really worth the effort to submit ideas?