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Firmware Update Progess Bar

by Scringold on ‎03-25-2017 07:48 AM
I would love to be able to see some sort of progess bar or indicator so that I'm not just waiting 2 or 15 minutes for a firmware update to complete. Something small that I think could be a quick fix for Wemo.
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Wemo Insight advanced

by Scringold on ‎03-25-2017 07:43 AM
I love the concept of the Wemo insight. However just telling me current and average Wattage is very basic. I would love for their to be more advanced metric to track. It would be awesome if we could also see amperage, which would be easy with the wattage/voltage (determined by location) and also show a graph to show outliers for high and low usage. Wemo could really get a lot of traction with this, I sell Wemo products every day and I hear this comment pretty often. So far it's a great product and it has a lot of potential!
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Does HP multi-function printer get unable to complete the office tasks due to slow printing speed? In this case, you should get connected with the technicians at Hp printer phone number Australia to know the right way make the printer’s speed good.

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Reporting spam

by Steve1 on ‎03-21-2017 05:30 PM

If the posts don't have the drop down menu, does that mean someone else has already reported them? Just checking. This site seems to have been targeted by spammers recently

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Does printer from dell gives refill ink error even the ink is full in the cartridge? This is technical issue and to resolve that you must get contact the technicians at dell printer support number Australia and get the accurate resolution of this problem in a less time.

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Hi there,


Is it possible to use the Insight as a infinitely repeating short cycle timer, with 3 seconds on and 5 minutes off?


This discussion is the closest thing I could find.


My understanding of the above thread was that it is possible to create this sort of timer using the Automation Manager app.


That, however, is working on 15 minute on/off and I'm in need of something that can go as low as 3 seconds.


I'd really appreciate it if someone could get back to me on this.

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Double rocker light switch.

by mermino on ‎03-15-2017 11:15 AM

I have a double rocker light switch that controls both my porch light and my interior entrance hallway light.  


I would like to see a double button wemo light switch to replace this.



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Turn on Navien hot water heater

by jjcochran on ‎03-15-2017 09:35 AM

Alexa “Turn on hot water.”  This is the way I can now turn on my Navien hot water heater's circulating pump and heating unite. It will run for 5 minutes which will warm the pipes without wasting water and saves time.  My hot water heater was made before the new mother board in early 2016.  The water pressure at my home is very low and it takes a time to circulate enough water to trigger the heating unite.   I avoided adding an auxillary tank.  (You need a Wi-Fi System to run this wirelessly,  a HotButton kit from Navien for about $100, Wemo Maker for about $80, and Amazon Echo Dot for $50 and a smart phone) You will also need to down load several apps which are all free: Amazon Alexa,  Wemo, and Yonomi.

Once you have your HotButton, I first unplug the hot water heater, open the front panel.  On the right you will see the mother board near the bottom.  You will need a long screw driver to get to the screws in the back to loosen the mother board for exposure.  Follow the directions from Navien for this instillation and where to attach the HotButton wires.  (If you want to run it as intended with only the HotButton, then you are finished as soon as you  connect the wires from the HotButton to panel, put all back together close the cover and plug it back in.)  If you want to go further, and use your iphone to control the hot water heater, you will need Belkin WeMo Maker.  In place of using the HotButton wires, you will connect the Wemo maker relay wires to the the same connector described for the HotButton wires.  Use “door bell” wire for this.  (You can both sets of wires to the connections if desired. You need to download Wemo app from the apt store.  Follow their directions for the wireless connections from your iphone to the wemo maker.  In the Wemo app, you will want to give it a name, photograph it,  most importantly, set the switch to "momentary."  If you stop now, you can control the hot water heater from your iphone and you are thru.  To get Alexa to control your hot water heater, along with the Amazon Echo Dot you will need two free app: Amazon alexa and Yonomi. (I’ll leave it to you to join these two apts.)  The directions are straightforward. Now you have it.

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Mobile App Redesign

by tmilowski on ‎03-13-2017 09:37 AM

Having more than few WeMo devices forces users to scroll through the list but in reality we just want to "touch" and the senser turns on or off. So why not change the design of the app to just have simple, large, multiple "buttons" in one row (I think you can fit al least 3 per row). This way most of us who use multiple devices would be able to see all of them on one page of the display.



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Water Leak Sensor

by tmilowski on ‎03-13-2017 09:32 AM

Other smart home products offer this. It owuld be nice if WeMo provides one as well.



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What is needed is an inexpensive Wemo hub, built to Apple's specs (for the Siri users), which can talk to all existing Wemo devices (add other brands / protocols as desired, all additions will only make the Wemo hub more desirable to all).


Next, Because apps on all smart devices are started & stopped & started & so on, not maintaing the connection with devices, if the hub has the ability to properly maintain a constant connection with all the devices, then the new Apple app could possibly have a choice talk direct to all devices or also talk via the hub, with luck the new app communicating via the hub should be able to turn devices on or off immediately, instead of with the current app, from start, 3 to 4 minutes before the app finally decides (the devices we added individually, that have individual MAC address', individual names on the LAN and anyone with an intelligent router, the devices likely have static IPs and are the ONLY things the Wemo app requires talking to each & every time it starts) are actually existing on the LAN.  So what the hell takes so long ??? 


Whatever you guys had in version 1.10.2 (which I've been running on my 3rd gen ipod touch) is far faster at discovering all devices, with this I am 85% of the time able to turn on or off a device within 10 to 25 seconds, a far cry from the current app 80% of the time, 3 to 4 minutes, it is extremely rare that the current version, is ready in less than 1 minute, plus It seems the more devices I have the longer the wait gets...


You should check what you were doing "right" in the old version and apply it to the current versions.



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new Product idea

by pwilker on ‎03-09-2017 08:04 AM

Here is a new product idea.   

 How often do wish that darn phone would not ring when you don’t what it to? Would it not be nice to put your house phones on Do Not Disturb (DND) when you are taking a nap.


Here is how an ad would look for the product:



Now you can use a DND APP on your IPAD, Iphone or Android to switch your telephones to Do Not Disturb mode from anywhere in your house using your WIFI network.


All you need to do is plug a DND unit into a telephone wall jack and connect your telephone to the DND unit . see below.


The DND APP if free. It’s easy to set the DND mode “on” and “off”, the DND duration  to be “on” or you can also set a schedule for time of day and for any day of the week.




  • The DNDSolutions App allows you to turn on DND anywhere, any time in your house. No need to unplug each phone or go to the base station of wireless phone systems to enable DND. For example, if you want a nap just reach for you IPhone and select DND.
  • No need to remind yourself that you have disabled your phones since they can be scheduled to turn off DND when you want or you can turn off manually on the DND unit. A n LED light  on the unit shows when DND is activated.

The Design:

Its function is similar to a WEMO light switch.

The DND unit is housed in a plastic case  and is powered by batteries. It has a telephone cord that connects to a wall jack and it has an input jack were a phone can be connected.

It has an LED Switch to turn off and on manually and to indicate On or Off . Also used for set up similar to WEMO.

Since it is low power no FCC approval would be required.

The elements required for the design would be similar to those used in WEMO light switch module except  there would be no need for a transformer, ( 110v ac to DC) and an electrical plug thus reducing cost significantly.


What do you think?


Paul Wilker



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New Product Idea

by pwilker on ‎03-08-2017 11:54 AM

Are you interested in a new add on device to your WEMO home control products?

Paul Wilker

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Hello Wemo Folks...


I have 5 devices current online.  One of them, a light switch is not following a sunset rule.  It just never comes on.  I have factory reset the device, recretaed the rule.  Nothing, it will work the first night, then nothing past that.


I noticed that there are a MESS of devices listed in my Devices Connected list.  Screen shot attached.


Any way I can get you all to blow those out?  Other posts stated that this action cannot be taken via the app.


Much appreciated.


Mike2017-03-06 16.47.32.png

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Please add a "Grouping" function to the App as to turn on/off all switches, lights, wall switches ( and all things Wemo ) as a group. This is so handy in other third party apps. It would be great in your app for Ifttt Intergration.



i come home in the evening and with ifttt I can have Just 1 of the lights come on in the Living room, the coffeemaker and the humidifier as a group and Geo-triggered by Ifttt (unless you can add Geo-triggering to the app as well, hint hint, lol ).


one could create different groups for different scenarios triggered by different means ( manually for a Party, geolocation, Movie night, time of day, motion, etc ). 


hope to see this soon.




freeland j trafton 

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multiway Light Switch: simple solution

by blacknd on ‎03-03-2017 08:36 PM

Wemo Light Switch work fine for single switch point, but dont support 3- 4- more way switches which are typical for room with multiple entry points.


It's easy to see the challenge by looking at how current multiway switches work: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiway_switching, where you need different types of switch at different points.


However I think we can simplify this radically with electronic switch, by replacing all the switches except the last one as simple pass-through whose only purpose is to control the last switch. This would also allow to add further switches without any need for rewiring (compare with how Philips Tap works).



Main ----X-----X----X----....----X-----S-------(light)-----Neutral



S = main normal wemo light switch

X = passthrough wemo switch simply controlling 'S' (signal send simply through the wire itself, no need for any wifi/blueetooth/zigbee etc)