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Group Commands

by WEMO Maker Inventor on ‎05-28-2014 08:47 PM

I'd like to be able to group on/off commands with scenes.  One button called "all off".  Something like that.    

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WeMo Insight Switch for French-style sockets

by dusek ‎05-23-2014 11:42 AM - edited ‎05-24-2014 05:12 AM
WeMo Insight Switch is available for e.g. US, UK and German-style sockets, but not for French-style sockets.

Please implement the product also for French-style sockets. I am particularly interested in getting the product in Czech Republic which uses such sockets, but I guess the big French market will be stronger motivation for this product.

Lighting Modes from App

by WEMO Maker Inventor on ‎05-23-2014 08:50 AM

It would be great to be able to set lighting modes from the app.  For example selecting Night would turn off all devices except for port and a night light. Or All on would turn everything on.  You could make many different modes like party, movie, etc within the wemo app!

It would be great to have a light switch that runs on batteries that you can attach to your wall and link to one of your wemo devices.  For example my light in the living room does not have a plug that is controllable by a wall switch.  I have installed the wemo insight to control it with my phone and rules but it would be great to be able to add a small light switch on the wall that turned the wemo insight on and off without having to use the app. You could even extend this to have multiple wemo switches turn on if you turn on the switch or maybe make it gesture programmable to turn on different lights based on user input.

I use WeMo for my cryptocurrency [Litecoin] mining rig [computer with many video cards to process algorithms]. I need it to either cycle power off/on (through WeMo app OR IFTTT) or at least just send me a message when it drops BELOW a daily usage threshold. Currently it can do exactly that if it rises ABOVE a daily usage threshold only.

Why do I need this? When one of my mining rigs drops below 1300watts, one of the 8 video cards has faulted, or the entire rig has frozen. The rig requires a reset if this happens. When I cycle power on the rig, I have it set up to automatically start mining when it reboots. But currently, I'd have to check the WeMo app however many times a day to see if it needs a reboot!

I have 6 more rigs owned between friends and I that I'd like to get hooked up to WeMo's, but if I can attain this functionality with a homebrew Arduino and relay board setup I guess I could approach that direction instead. It'd be tedious to manually check on 7 rigs every hour with the WeMo app. There are THOUSANDS of mining rigs out there, and a great deal of them could use the functionality of a BELOW usage threshold control (triggering cycle power or send a message). Many crypto miners are aware of the WeMo Insight Switch already, many more would be buyers if it means more automation to our rigs as I have laid out.

I cant imagine the coding changes in either WeMo or by contacting IFTTT would be extreme by any means. A little code would go a long way!

Looking forward to hearing your input Smiley Happy

Status: Under Review

Creating the web app that could access our devices through your WeMo server would eliminate the need for building apps across multiple devices and platforms. I currently have some wifi cameras from another company and they provide both apps for iPhone/iPad and the web based interface that I can use from a PC or Mac or another tablet that has a browser.

Status: Under Review

Future products: WeMo Temp

Status: Under Review
by Community Manager on ‎12-27-2012 01:45 PM

We need a new sensor to check inside temperature and to things like turn on fan, turn off a cooler, etc

Status: Under Review

WeMo timer

Status: Planned
by Community Manager on ‎12-19-2012 11:49 AM

Would love to see a timer feature. For example, if the device is turned on at the wall or via the app, set it to be on for x number of minutes before automaticly turning off.

Real world example: my iron is plugged into a wemo switch at the wall. I use the plug button to turn on my appliance. I have already preset this device to automaticly turn off after 10 minutes

Status: Planned
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Need turn on/off time to be optionally randomized within a a selectable time window (including day boundaries). Provides 'lived in' appearance.

Status: Implemented
Implemented as Away Mode.

Location-based rule

Status: Under Review
by Community Manager on ‎11-20-2012 03:48 PM

Can WeMo act on location-based information? For example, a rule might be: When I get home, turn on the lights.

Status: Under Review

WeMo Thermostat

Status: Under Review
by Community Manager on ‎09-07-2012 01:43 PM

Since WeMo is home automation...any ideas on a WeMo Thermostat?
Maybe something to attach to the current one or if not a replacement?
I'll be Glad to test it if there is one in the works

Status: Under Review

I'd love it if you could set a password on the WeMo app as a whole. On a more granular level, I'd love to be able to set a password on individual switches within the app. In my case, my kids have phones and I don't necessarily want them to be able to control all of our WeMo enable devices in our home. ; )

Status: Under Review

Wall receptacle

Status: Under Review
by Community Manager on ‎08-11-2012 12:16 AM

I would like to see WeMo as a normal recessed standard wall receptacle. Not something that sticks out.

Status: Under Review

Set Default ON State after Power Outage

Status: Planned
by Community Manager on ‎08-10-2012 02:10 PM

It would be nice if the WeMo modules could be configured to use a default ON state after a power outage, such that lights would come back ON when the power returned.

Firstly, I believe that ON/OFF state should be remembered even after a power outage anyway, so that if a light was on, it comes back on when the power returns. IMHO this should be the "normal" behaviour since this is what would be expected if WeMo switches weren't being used. Right now, after a power failure, any WeMo connected lights remain off.

Additionally, however, I would like to see an optional setting that could be used to have lights turn ON, regardless of previous state, following a return of power to the WeMo modules. This would not only be useful for things like actual power outages, but also switched outlets -- allowing a lamp to optionally be controlled by the wall switch. In this case, turning ON the wall switch would turn on the WeMo which would turn on the attached lamp.

Status: Planned

What about WeMo LightBulb

Status: Planned
by Community Manager on ‎08-05-2012 09:55 AM

Try to realize an intelligent light bulb with RGB LED’s and wifi, connected to IFTTT. It can switch on and off, flash and change color depend on IFTTT events...

Status: Planned

Additional Modules

Status: Under Review
by Community Manager on ‎08-03-2012 03:18 PM

Just set up my first WEMO switch, the set up could not have been easier.
I would like to see Belkin add the following devices, this system can easily evolve into a first rate home automation system.
Light Switches
Relay Modules (control of garage doors, solenoid switches, etc.)
Input Modules (monitor door position switches, etc.)

Status: Under Review

Future Product - Power Strip

Status: Under Review
by Community Manager on ‎07-26-2012 01:00 PM

Love the concept of your single switch, but let's face it, I have more power cords than outlets. Unless I rewire my house to have more electrical plugs, your single switch isn't going to cut it to make my house fully (or semi) automated. It would be really cool if you had a power strip that would allow you to control each individual outlet. That way, I can still plug in out of my electrical gadgets yet control each one individually. Now that's something I would invest money in...

Status: Under Review
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Power Consumption Charts?

Status: Implemented
by Community Manager on ‎07-15-2012 03:49 AM

I'm impressed with Wemo's set-up method - using the app to connect the device to the wifi network.

I'd love to be able to see a chart of power consumed and on & off times. Ideally I could download a csv file with all that data for each wemo device. This might be better achieved in a web interface with your wemo servers.

Very clever, and I like where it looks like you're going!


Status: Implemented
This can be done with the WeMo Insight Switch and IFTTT.

I think many people would prefer to have a switch as an integral part of their motion sensor, at least as an option. then it wouldn't require two outlets if used together.

Status: Under Review