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new Product idea

by pwilker on ‎03-09-2017 08:04 AM

Here is a new product idea.   

 How often do wish that darn phone would not ring when you don’t what it to? Would it not be nice to put your house phones on Do Not Disturb (DND) when you are taking a nap.


Here is how an ad would look for the product:



Now you can use a DND APP on your IPAD, Iphone or Android to switch your telephones to Do Not Disturb mode from anywhere in your house using your WIFI network.


All you need to do is plug a DND unit into a telephone wall jack and connect your telephone to the DND unit . see below.


The DND APP if free. It’s easy to set the DND mode “on” and “off”, the DND duration  to be “on” or you can also set a schedule for time of day and for any day of the week.




  • The DNDSolutions App allows you to turn on DND anywhere, any time in your house. No need to unplug each phone or go to the base station of wireless phone systems to enable DND. For example, if you want a nap just reach for you IPhone and select DND.
  • No need to remind yourself that you have disabled your phones since they can be scheduled to turn off DND when you want or you can turn off manually on the DND unit. A n LED light  on the unit shows when DND is activated.

The Design:

Its function is similar to a WEMO light switch.

The DND unit is housed in a plastic case  and is powered by batteries. It has a telephone cord that connects to a wall jack and it has an input jack were a phone can be connected.

It has an LED Switch to turn off and on manually and to indicate On or Off . Also used for set up similar to WEMO.

Since it is low power no FCC approval would be required.

The elements required for the design would be similar to those used in WEMO light switch module except  there would be no need for a transformer, ( 110v ac to DC) and an electrical plug thus reducing cost significantly.


What do you think?


Paul Wilker



I believe that WeMo Insight comprises some sort of a timer, right? As such, how hard would it be to provide a feature to allow WeMo switch on or off by itself after some time interval following some event?

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Please add a "Grouping" function to the App as to turn on/off all switches, lights, wall switches ( and all things Wemo ) as a group. This is so handy in other third party apps. It would be great in your app for Ifttt Intergration.



i come home in the evening and with ifttt I can have Just 1 of the lights come on in the Living room, the coffeemaker and the humidifier as a group and Geo-triggered by Ifttt (unless you can add Geo-triggering to the app as well, hint hint, lol ).


one could create different groups for different scenarios triggered by different means ( manually for a Party, geolocation, Movie night, time of day, motion, etc ). 


hope to see this soon.




freeland j trafton 

Wemo Android Widgets

by markgunn on ‎08-27-2014 09:46 AM

Please consider creating some android widgets to accompany the app in managing Wemo devices. This would facilitate users who have a wall mounted tablet as their primary automation interface.

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Wemo security

by Tarzan on ‎08-06-2016 04:01 PM
I was looking for a set of wireless contacts for doors and windows, one that could go on my back yard gate. It could be used like a door bell, or for home security. Lots of manufacturers make ones like that, some with motion detectors like your too.
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DIN rail WEMO switch

by votsalo on ‎03-12-2016 11:10 AM

A DIN rail WEMO switch could be used in place of a DIN rail timer and be far more automated.


DIN rail equipment is standard in Europe for circuit breaker cabinets.

I don't know what system is used in the U.S. but there would be something equivalent.


Brand name DIN rail digital timers start at about 50 euros in my country.  This is comparable to the current cost of a WEMO switch.  Some digital timers can use special programming keys (something like proprietary USB sticks), which require special ($$) software to program them from a PC.


A WEMO DIN rail switch would allow me (or my electrician) to fully program my electric water heater to take advantage of lower electricity rates at certain hours, using standard electric cabinet equipment (as opposed to making amateur and possibly dangerous interventions to my home electrical system).  It would also be useful for other power-hungry equipment such as electric storage heaters and even solar/electric water heaters (very common in my country) where a smart switch could be programmed to also take into account weather information.


See also my comment on the WeMo Water Heater.


High power equiment would need a contactor in addition to the WEMO switch, which is fine.  There is no need for a WEMO contactor.  It is common to have a DIN rail timer connected to a contactor.


There is the issue of having WiFi reception inside an electric circuit breaker cabinet.

My 50-year old circuit breaker cabinet is metal and probably wouldn't work as is.

But I think circuit breaker cabinets with plastic doors are more common nowadays and they are often located in a central place in the house, where WiFi reception would be good.  A power line communication system could also used, but it requires extra equipment.


DIN rail equipment is usually bought and installed by electricians, so it could suffice to market them to electricians.



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API - Wemo Products

by Paul_Zurich on ‎10-03-2015 05:08 PM

I purchased 5 light bulbs and 2 switches from Belkin via Amazon - never had a problem with the switches but I have never been able to use the light bulbs as described by belkin. It it has been many problems, some of which get fixed by periodical fixes from belkin - current problem is that rules do not work for light bulbs. I have even reset everything, the hub, the bulbs, i uninstalled the app and re-installed it... still have the same problem.


I have called their tech support who have advised opening all ports on my router - never going to happen - and it's clearly not the answer because it happens even when i am connected to my own router.


Last chance Belkin - either fix this problem or I'm returning the bucket load back to Amazon and buying the philips setup.



A really easy one, for us, European people.


How about Belkin brings all their products to Europe, such as:

- WeMo Light Switch

- WeMo Led Light Bulbs


That way, we can all enjoy the products!

It would be awesome if you could upload two photos for each switch to illustrate it in it's "on" and "off" state. At a glance, it'd be even easier to see which lamps are lit, if the Christmas tree is on, etc. without needing to look at the switch names and colors.
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by Martin-Alex on ‎10-24-2015 08:17 PM
Can we expect having different colours of light bulbs?
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WEMO Link Remote Access stopped working after updating firmware

by gordyjackson ‎11-05-2015 01:34 PM - edited ‎11-05-2015 01:34 PM

Hi Guys, 

Sorry if this is repeated somewhere else but I'm new to this product and struggling

I have the WEMO Switch in an office an hours drive away and use it to switch the heatimg on while I'm travelling to it.


ALl was working great until I finally gave in to its remionding today and let it do the firmware update.

It works on the local wifi but when i leave the office and try to remote access it is says Not Detected and its all greyed out.


I have tried to reset it, i deleted the app and re-installed it and 'paired' the switch to the app again but the problem still exists.


Please can you help as its getting colder!!!



Gordon J

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chime or alarm

by azjerry on ‎04-02-2016 04:30 PM

I'd like a Wemo controlled chime or alarm of some sort. On my Android phone is one way but an actual audible device that could be heard by anyone in the house would be better. For example, I currently use a Maker to detect when my garage door is left open. It would be nice to have some sort of alarm to tell me when someone else opens or closes the door without having to dig out my phone.  Multiple sounds or voice announcement would make it multi-purpose.

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I have 3 Light Switches and a Switch that were working fine. Did a firmware update, now all 4 of the devices blink yellow even though they work with the app on my phone.


I've tried restarting them.

I've tried restarting the router.

I've tried factory resetting them and setting them up from scratch.





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Is IFTTT a scam??

by hornetster on ‎04-14-2017 04:34 AM

I just registered/signed in to IFTTT, and it just looks like a huge scam?? Lots of advertising/junk but no easy way to find out what you are actually supposed to/be able to do with it...

Really badly designed, or am I just missing something??


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Hard wired plug outlets

by Nashcj42 on ‎01-05-2017 07:00 PM
Why sell just the plug in plugs? I would like to see actual outlets similar to the switches.

3way switches and dimmer switches would also be nice but I know a lot of people have already requested these items.

WeMo timer

Status: Planned
by Community Manager on ‎12-19-2012 11:49 AM

Would love to see a timer feature. For example, if the device is turned on at the wall or via the app, set it to be on for x number of minutes before automaticly turning off.

Real world example: my iron is plugged into a wemo switch at the wall. I use the plug button to turn on my appliance. I have already preset this device to automaticly turn off after 10 minutes

Status: Planned

currently Belkin only Produces energy monitoring and standby mode on the wemo insight switch. even thou we use 110/120v our air conditioners (not window air conditioners that are plugged into an outlet) use 220v and because of this we cant use an insight switch. what i am asking is that you create a 220v insight light switch that can replace the existing 220v switch that is the power supply to the air conditioner or a 220v light switch with standby mode and energy monitoring.

This is beneficial because

  1. It gives you the ability to check how long an a/c has been on
  2. how much power it has consumed while it was on
  3. when it turned on (the time)(or when it turned off if it is off)
  4. it gives you the ability to turn it on and off from your phone.

Incase you are wondering why i suggested an insight light switch it is because it cannot be bypassed by simply plugging it out like the wemo swtich and insight switch and only(should) be bypassed by an electrician so there is not the need to worry about unexpected expenses if someone had plugged it out and used the air conditioner

-Pearce Smith

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Could WEMO get Siri with iOS 10

by alvarezjc on ‎06-20-2016 08:49 AM

So, we all know that Belkin and WEMO would need to release new hardware to make compatible homekit devices.  However, with the news that Apple is opeaning the Siri SDK to third party developers will the we be able to ask siri once and for all to "turn off my lights" or "turn on my lights"


Looking for a response from an insider...



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Last year, I used three Wemo switches, along with schedules, and Amazon Echo Alexa to turn my holiday lights on and off....no problem. I am setting up the lights for this year add one more wemo switch to the group...and the wemo app and schedule work fine.... but alexa will only turn OFF the holiday lights. If i ask her to turn ON the holiday lights....she just spins for a bit and replies with a "bonk" sound. 


I have updated both the WeMo and Alexa app.

I have deleted and "forgot" the switches from both devices and re-detected them.

I have updated the firmware

Deleted the Alexa groups and made new ones

Made several Alexa groups with different names and one switch each


But no luck.


I can turn on and off from the app.

I can turn OFF using alexa.....

But i no longer can turn ON using alexa....




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Amazon Alexa control of Wemo Maker

by azjerry on ‎12-14-2016 08:02 AM

Make the Wemo maker controllable by Amazon Alexa. Simple enough.