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linksys wemo light switch wiring - black and white wire

by mitchellfox on ‎06-12-2017 05:29 AM

Hello. I received this product. I don't know if it is safe to install to replace my current light switch. My existing light switch had one black wire and one white wire coming from the wall, each connected to one terminal of the single (not multi) light switch. I saw this post and want to know if this is safe/would work for me.But I don't have any ground wire coming out of the wall for the existing light switch, just a black wire and a whilte wire.

1. Black wire from the wall switch to WeMo black wire
2. White wire from the wall switch to WeMo switch black wire (lightening bolt)
3. Connect both the WeMo white Neutral wire and ground wire together to the copper ground wire

by WEMO Maker Inventor
on ‎06-12-2017 09:57 AM

You have "power through fixture" type wiring for that switch and it's not safe to install the wemo there.  What you describe *might* work if it's an incandescent bulb or a fan/motor type load, but it's not safe without a neutral line.

by Moderator
on ‎06-12-2017 02:18 PM

If I may add, it may be best to contact a professional electrician in that regard.