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wemo 360 security camera

by drichard on ‎10-09-2017 07:10 AM

the body style of amazon echo or smaller


the bottom would be the 2-way audio/speaker/ alarm  

next would be the 360-degree turning camera 

above that would be the internals to make the thing work/battery  


on the "back" (since the camera turns there really isn't a back) but a sd micro slot 

802.3af/at POE port 

now for the people who need wireless freedom... be able to dock the camera and have it charges so that you can move the camera wherever you like ....the trade-off would be it would only record when it senses movement and it would be to the sd card 

the charging system would either be like the clarisonic fit  or a type c port  type c port would be best 



I would LOVE the option to pan and zoom but can live without the zoom 

and of course homekit ready 


you bring this to market at $100-$150 and its game over it would be the best camera period and without that stupid monthly fee


oh and you sell camera sleeves to better help blend the camera to the style of the room it's in  



a web/app interface that allows me to see all my camera at once 



so if the door or window sensor is tripped the camera in that area starts recording and we get a notification all other cameras wake up ....we have the option to either have a siren play automatically