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SmartThings and Wemo Dimmer

When is the ETA to get the WEMO Dimmer working on SmartThings. 


I believe it is the only device not able to work with SmartThings which is frustrating...


I don't expect a responce from anyone since it seems like all cusomter service is all but gone from this company. 

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Re: SmartThings and Wemo Dimmer

Belkin did not add the wemo support to ST so I don't expect a response either.  They are competitors after all...  You may want to ask Samsung.

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Re: SmartThings and Wemo Dimmer

Unofficially their switches and plugs do work with smartthings BUT not the dimmer. This is the only device I have out of 67 that isn’t integrated perfectly. Frustrating!
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Re: SmartThings and Wemo Dimmer

This was two years ago. Any progresss?
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Re: SmartThings and Wemo Dimmer

There is a solution available on Github for a Wemo dimmer device handler and smartapp. The first link contains the DTH for the WEMO dimmer. The second link is the SmartThings Community thread that contains the DTH and SmartApp instructions; specifically follow the instructions outlined by wesley8888 and YetAnotherDeveloperJoey. If you have never created a device handler or smartapp, it's fairly easy and you can't really screw up anything that can't just be deleted.


Github Device Handler - Wemo DImmer


Wemo Dimmer Switch - SmartThings Community