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What is the architecture of the Insight Smart Plug?

I assume that there is a Wemo server that interfaces with the smart plug and that the Wemo smart phone application talks to the plug through the server. 


1- Is the interface at the level of power on/ power off commands and power on/off indications, or is it more sophisticated? For example can the server download a schedule to the plug and can the plug execute the schedule even when connection with the server is lost?


2- What does the server do when the connection to the plug is lost?

  • does it send a notification to the smart phone?

3- What does the plug do when it loses connection to the server?

  • I assume that the plug attempts to reconnect to the server (or the server attempts to reconnect to the plug).
  •     - if the plug reconnects, does the plug resume the behavior as if the loss of connection never happened?
  •      - if it does not reconnect,
  •              * does the plug keep the same state, that is it provides power or not to the attached device as before the loss of connection?
  •              * or does it automatically return to a known state, such as turning the power off to the device?

4- What does the plug do on a power down / up sequence (the house loses power for a while)?

  • Does the plug automatically attempt to reconnect to the server, or does it has to be manually re-initialized?

5- Does Wemo publish statistics on the reliability of its server? Statistics on down time and response time?


The reasons for the need to understand all this is because I want to connect the smart plug to an electric heater in a room located high in the Sierra (where power is very unreliable in the winter), so that I can command the heater to be turned on a few hours before I arrive.


Thank you,


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Re: What is the architecture of the Insight Smart Plug?

Hi, Bernand. Here are the answers to your inquiries:


  1. The rules or the schedules are saved in the device itself and Wemo app. Thus, it will still work if the router will go offline for some reasons.
  2. The server will not send a notification to the smartphone. What usually happens is that the devices can’t be controlled remotely.
  3. Once configured, the plug will work regardless if it is online or offline. However, it is important to keep it online so that it can immediately capture any updates.
  4. For power outages, the default state of the plug is off for safety purposes but it will reconnect to the network after a power cycle.
  5. There's none at the moment but we have already relayed this feedback to our Product Management team. 

Let us know if you have further inquiries.

WEMO Technical Support
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Re: What is the architecture of the Insight Smart Plug?

OP:   If you have any cell coverage you can control your Wemos even via SMS text messages with AutoMation manager, a cheap $20-30 Android phone, $3 month T-Mobile pre-paid plan and another program called Automagic.


I can elaborate further but control can still exist with an iPhone or Desktop Mac/PC as well.