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Registered: ‎01-21-2016

NET CAm HD will not work

On my second camera, Have called support both times , spent over a hour on the phone last time. Camera will not hook up to the internet, or my WiFi. My router shows its a connected device, have changed the channel, have tried a diffrent email adress, I have registered the product, But all it shows on the mobile APP or on the website is the camera is off line, Have tried everything

EXTREMELY unhappy with this product. It takes a still picture but when you move the switch to the down postion when told too , the WIFI light just blinks green, whick according to the Camera app it cant hook to the cloud

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Re: NET CAm HD will not work

We understand how you feel, Bobdavis68061. We've checked your case and allow us to gather more details about the situation.


When your Android device is connected to the same network with the camera, can the app detect it? Have you also tried accessing the web-based app? If you haven't, open a browser in your computer and log on to https://netcam.belkin.com/app/c/login.html?partnerId=Belkin Check if your camera will appear online.


By the way, what's the Android version of the phone? If you also have another handheld device, using it would help us to further isolate this challenge.


Email us your response at WEMOCares@belkin.com and indicate your location (state/country) so we can have this checked by the 2nd level Support team.

WEMO Technical Support
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Re: NET CAm HD will not work