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Registered: ‎08-23-2018

Re: Wemo Bridge for Homekit

I have the same problem with my switch, add to that the koogek switchs I have never fail, and my wife keeps telling me “it’s not automated if you need to reset that bridge every 2 nights” Wemo I love the idea of your products! Please give us a firmware update or a solution
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Re: Wemo Bridge for Homekit

So, I was having the same problem and decided to add my Wemo mini smart plugs with the Wemo bridge reset and turned off (unplugged). I had to ensure a full hard reset of each device because I swear they store or cache some of device info on them or some cached info is referenced by the device. Once I did this, I added only my Wemo minis and then added them to my HomeKit via the software (all them have the updated firmware). They showed more quickly than before. One surprise. Then I added the wall switches ensuring they were fully reset. At this point I added the Wemo bridge and only my 3 wall switches and 1 dimmer were on my Wemo bridge. I did this Sunday and so far they have been stable. I changed my router to router to restart only once a week along with the Group Key Rotation Interval to be every week or 604,800 seconds. Also, consider turning off airtime fairness as one user recommended. That did improve things and my router is fast enough and strong enough to handle all my 37 devices.
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Re: Wemo Bridge for Homekit

Still no update to the bridge? I'm really disappointed in this product. I too have been plagued by  Wemo devices being unresponsive in homekit. Sometimes it will simply resolve itself after a few days, or if I reboot the bridge, and/or reboot my ATV it will resolve.


I also have a Homepod so I didn't think the issues others have mentioned with ATV would cause my problems. Currently the Homepod is 'Connected' while the ATV is in 'Standby'


Wemo bridge is plugged into a netgear switch, connected to an Eero router. Everything else on my network is rock solid.


My smart home only consists of Hue, Wemo, and Lutron. And Wemo consistently fails within Homekit - but if I go into the Wemo app I have control. Why did I pay $40 for this dysfunctional bridge that I've had to put so many hours in troubleshooting? And why hasn't Belkin found a solution within all these months of complaints?

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Re: Wemo Bridge for Homekit

It's quite disappointing that a product is not able to reliably do what is supposed to be its core selling point - add homekit integration with existing Wemo switches. More so because its coming from Belkin itself.


I bought it right when it was launched since i was waiting for homekit integration with my Wemo switches. But it has been buggy like hell since day one. It constantly keeps getting confused about what switch is what, and sometimes even stops responding completely and you have to restart it.


Only way i have been able to use this thing to some extent is to restart it every 2-3 day.....which isn't what "automation" is supposed to be. I used to have a RPi based Homebridge solution which performed a lot better for the same purpose.

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Re: Wemo Bridge for Homekit

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Hi, vkap. Were you assisted by our Escalation Engineers before? If not, please email us at WemoCares@belkin.com along with the following details so our Team can look closely on this matter:


Full Name:
Phone Number:
Firmware version:
Wemo App version:
Handheld device's OS version:

Community username:

Link to this post: 


Also, make sure that the Bridge is running on the latest firmware for optimum performance.

Rosalyn - 21986
Wemo Technical Support
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Re: Wemo Bridge for Homekit

I only have two wall switches and the bridge, and on a regular basis the switches and bridge become unreachable in the home app. A quick power cycle of the bridge resolves the issue.
I suspect the issue might be DHCP assignment expiring and the bridge not renewing correctly. I’ll try statically assigning an IP to the bridge and see if that resolves the issue. Will post an update once I have an answer.
BTW I don’t see the switches getting confused as some have reported, but that might be because I currently only have two switches.
My only other option is to plug the bridge into a mini and schedule a nightly power cycle, which seems a little drastic.
Failing that, how about a firmware update for the switches so that they are HomeKit compatible without the bridge?
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Re: Wemo Bridge for Homekit

I have not had any problems with the bridge getting confused about which device to operate, but periodically I get a "Not Responding" flag on all the tiles, and have to reboot the bridge by unplugging the power.


What should the latest firmware be for the bridge?

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Re: Wemo Bridge for Homekit


Hi sabresoft,


May we know the LED status of the Wemo devices when this happens? How about the Wemo Bridge LED? When did this issue occur? Instead of rebooting the bridge, try force closing the app and check if the same thing happens.


Reynaldo - 22029
Wemo Technical Support
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Re: Wemo Bridge for Homekit

I’m usually either away from home or one or two floors away from the WEMO bridge when this happens, so I can’t see what the bridge is doing. Similar for the devices. 


I have trued quitting and restarting the HomeKit app, but this never works. 


Rebooting the the bridge seems to be the only fix. I have had the bridge since about August, and have had to reboot about 3 times since installing. 


When HomeKit shows no response from the WEMO devices I can still control them from the WEMO app.

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Re: Wemo Bridge for Homekit



If you'll encounter the same issue, you can try to follow the directions on this link to resolve the No Response error, and observe their behaviour.

Jan - 22019
WEMO Technical Support