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Wemo Switch turns on then goes off.

I have a bunch of Wemo’s in my house and recently decided to add another switch. It is a single pole switch for one fixture. In the box it only had two single black wires, so I pulled a neutral and ground from a near by junction box as I had done with two other wemo switches that did not have a neutral already in the box. I have triple checked all of the connections are tight and looked through others that have had this issue but nothing seems to be working. What is also odd is in my fixture box there are only two black wires coming in from a different style of wire(different insulation but still all 14g). I also decided to pull a neutral direct from the panel and still have the same issue. Hoping someone can help me get this switch operation properly!

Issue is as others have had that the wemo appears to be functioning 100% but when you turn the light on it comes on for a second before rebooting itself.
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Re: Wemo Switch turns on then goes off.



Hi there! If you are referring to the Wemo Light Switch, try a reboot or a reset and see if the setback recurs. Make sure that there are no rules that were set and firmware is up to date. This might have something to do with how the wires have been connected. The tweaks done by other users and moderators on this related Community thread could help us isolate the setback: http://community.wemo.com/t5/WEMO-Hardware/Help-WeMo-light-switch-turns-off-immediately/td-p/27667.

Carl_S 21985
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Re: Wemo Switch turns on then goes off.

Thank you for your reply. I attempted restarting and fully resetting the switch while spending hours on it this past weekend for good measure I tried again today with no luck same symptoms. I have read through the thread you provided multiple times before posting here myself. The only solution I have not verified is the one suggested by Stevej that helped Broncobri in that someone wired the switch to interrupt the neutral instead of the hot. I am assuming that is not my case as one of my black wires at the switch creates small sparks when I wire but it to any other ‘dead’ wires with the power on. Am I wrong in assuming a neutral would not spark?
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Re: Wemo Switch turns on then goes off.

I'd suggest caution here - it sounds like you've got wiring that was done after your home was built (since it's not using standard wires) and it may not be wired to code.  Investing in a test meter would be wise.  It would also be a good idea to check the fixture to see how it's been wired - hopefully that side has proper wiring - and this may clarify how the switch itself has been wired.


It does sound like the fixture may be wired with power passing through the load, on to the switch, then back to neutral at the fixture (which here anyway is not to code).  This would both account for the switch rebooting when it switches (it loses voltage/power, opens the relay, and then goes back to having enough voltage to restart), and a weaker spark if you touch it to neutral (normally that should pop a fuse).  One way to check is to remove the bulb from the fixture which should then interrupt power to the wemo completely.


Normally in a "power through fixture" circuit the power should be passed from line in (black) to the switch over a properly marked white, then back out of the switch to the fixture.  Since you have neutral at your switch you *might* be able to fix this by sorting out the wiring on the fixture to pass hot directly to the switch.  From there the wemo can be properly powered and the power switched to the fixture.  It would be a *very* good idea to consult with an electrician.

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