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Device folder

by GregOfLodi on ‎07-19-2018 12:56 PM

Please add a feature to the APP to create a folder, name the folder and assign a device to a folder. I currently have 11 devices and, as I continue to automate my house, I will soon have 20 or more. I would like to create a folder called security and put all my security related devices in it. Another fold to contain fans, etc.

by airmandan
on ‎07-20-2018 05:50 PM

This please!  I’m at 30 devices and this would be really great.

by woodstreet101
on ‎07-30-2018 09:30 PM
A-men and also be able to change the order.
by vdopairdotnet
on ‎09-17-2018 12:12 AM

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by Beowulfe
on ‎01-09-2019 05:59 PM
I agree. The ability to group devices under a folder would allow users to create a room and the easily navigate. Possibly even setting up rules or scenarios to apply to a room.
by vdopairdotnet
on ‎03-08-2019 05:18 AM

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