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Granular Access Control

by TheWraith ‎02-25-2019 04:13 PM - edited ‎02-25-2019 04:22 PM

I have numerous Wemo MiniOutlets throughout my home.  I don't want ALL outlets accessible to ALL people with a smartphone who install the Wemo app while on my wireless network.  Granular access controls is needed for this sort of home integrated product. 

- I might only want to give my children access to the Wemo outlets IN THEIR ROOM - not ALL Wemo outlets.  Maybe I don't even want my children seeing I have a "basement s.e.x dungeon", let alone the Wemo units named "S.e.x Dungeon Lamp", etc.

- I don't want my friend who uses my wifi to come over, install Wemo, and have access to ALL my home automation.

The fact there is NO authenticated controls over this product is appauling.  I am also an Arlo user.  I create/add accounts I want to add to my Arlo system.  I can select which cameras each account has access to, whether they are readonly accounts, admin accounts, can rename or reconfigure the cameras or the system at large.

With Wemo?

...just install the app and WELCOME TO FULL CONTROL!

This sort of lack of security should never have allowed the product to leave the development stage.  It would be a security best practice to setup a unique VLAN/SSID for "Wemo Equipment" in the home and have that wireless network NOT your "client access network".  Of course, then you lose the convenience of using your smartphone to control the Wemo equipment without diassociating from the normal network, connecting to the "Wemo network", etc.

Belkin needs to create access based controls for this product.  The ability to select which units which accounts have access to either control and/or configure, along with if they have rights to configure "rules" for their devices, is a must have feature.  How can you deploy "smart home automation " products without authentication and access controls?

What is this... the 90s?

EDIT:  Seriously?  We're adults...we can't post comments with the word "s.e.x" in them?  Ridiculous.