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Can  the Cost & Consumption Calculations be disabled  and/or deleted from Wemo Insite Switch.


Use the switches for Special Needs Clients and when they hit the calculation function ( by accident )  they get confused and "MAD"


Original Switches without calculations work just fine but how long before they are not available ??



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WeMo LED Lighting 5100K Light

by WEMO Maker Inventor on ‎08-23-2014 01:20 PM

Do pleple really want a yellow light?


As a photographer and a new home owner, I'm looking for like that is equal to daylight, and who wouldn't?


So let get the LED light to be 5100K or 5200K where is should be.


Also you need to make different tops for the bulbs.


Al lthe new houses being build now are pot light that have spot light shaped light.


Come on Belkin, you need to do your home work....



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When using different devices or reinstalling phones/upgrading, etc access to Wemo devices is lost.


This is more painful when you're away that location and the only way to 'pair' the application with your wemos is to be physically at the same location.




- Implement login/password into app for authentication instead of location/AP based (with the option to autologin)

- This will allow to import into new phone/tablet/whatever the devices you already had 

- This will also avoid someone using your wifi network for gaining remote control of your devices without login/password



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The latest Wemo App v 1.8 released Aug 18 doesn’t even open properly on an IPAD. Just get a quick flash on my screen. On the contrary for Android it does work. Am using an IPAD with IOS 5.1.1 (per the Belkin notes from the Apple store) it is compatible. Can you company at least test your software before you release it? Such gross incompetence. F fix the sh***t OK?
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Gardena Waterpipline switch

by juergenschubert on ‎08-11-2014 03:13 PM

I do use the Gardena Waterpipline with the waterplug where you normally connect your garden Hose for watering the garden.

With that Gardena water connection point http://www.gardena.com/uk/water-management/water-pipeline/connecting-point/ I would love to get a wifi switch which in between so I can program like my light witch so water on and water off. Now I would be able to control my sprinkler in my garden.

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I came to this site to look for bulbs to use for ambient lighting - I have a sensor that detects the brightness outside and I want to mimic that brightness in the basement where there are no windows.  The ambient lighting fixture would be housed inside a DIY semi-translucent "sun" light fixture.  I was looking at the WeMo LED bulb for this purpose.


I'm also working on a home automation system that for the hearing impaired.  Bulbs around the house would be outfitted with smart LED's.  Using a distributed system of wireless sensors, I would determine when stuff happens that need attention:

1)  door bell rings

2)  phone rings

3)  someone is at the door (perhaps knocking but not ringing the door bell)

4)  dog barking

5)  general noise sensors that would be armed / disarmed by the user


When these events happen, the lights around the house would give a quick flash to signal that attention is needed, and the hearing impaired person can check a dash board (smart phone app) to see which sensor inititiated the alarm.


Half of this project is complete - I've designed and tested the wireless sensors and home automation system.  The design is freely available here:  http://goo.gl/wlP9dg



 I just need to get some bulbs to integrate into it.



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There are a number of participants on this board who are clearly Belkin support employees.  They have chosen not to identify themselves.  Doing so would help us distinguish official answers from non-representative participant opinion.

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Turn on Spa remotely

by WEMO Maker Inventor on ‎07-30-2014 02:22 AM

How often do you decide that when you arrive home on a lovely evening that you would like to jump in the spa to relax. Well I fitted a relay and linked it to my WeMo and there you go, I turn it on remotely so it can be nice and warm when I arrive home! A dedicated app with timer might be easier and maybe some relay interface modules for gadgets like this?

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Sprinkler system controller

by Harley on ‎07-29-2014 05:01 PM
Design a system to program a sprinkler system remotely.
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Light Rotation Feature

by WEMO Maker Inventor on ‎07-28-2014 10:32 AM

My wife and I travel for work. How about a function that coordinates rotating multiple WeMo-controlled lights on a periodic basis to simulate an occupied home?

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Insight switch Data collection

by mast3rof0 on ‎07-26-2014 03:10 PM

The one challenge that I have is that my rates are based on time of day. The insight switch is one of the few that I have found that allows for exporting of data, but appears to be limited to daily numbers. I don't have one so I cannot speak from experience, but all the resarch I have done points to daily, weekly, or monthly exports.


Is there a way to get more granular data exports (hourly) from the device? Obviously it has to keep a certain amount of detail data to be able to do the calculations. Would love to be able to export this...



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Warm Up Hot Tub Before I get Home

by rselover on ‎07-24-2014 03:58 PM

I'm not confident enough to set this up myself, but looking at the WeMo Maker web page, it's clear that it can take readings from a temperature probe, and then adjust current - enough to control a Hot Tub?


Say I'm on my way home from skiing. I want to open the app in the parking lot, tell the tub to warm up, then come home to a pre-warmed tub!


Otherwise, I have to wait for it to heat up, which can take 45 mins + and I'm just not that patient.


Any thoughts? The internet isn't clear about DC controllers for Tubs.

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International User / Customer

by utomo on ‎07-22-2014 08:21 AM

Currently when I search for the WeMo (at amazon and others) I got:
1. 115 Volt instead of 220 V
2. Warm White. Instead of Cool White. 


I hope Belkin consider International user.
1. Support for 220 V electricity and Type C  Socket http://www.worldstandards.eu/electricity/plugs-and-sockets/ 

2. Option to have Cool white LED. on some country user prefer Coolwhite compared to warm white. 
3. Optional Watt LED 7 and 13 W

Other later

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Thermostat Ceiling fan control

by fellfrosch on ‎07-21-2014 05:57 PM

I have a wemo light switch. Works great for lights that need to be on at certin times.

I also have a hampton bay thermostat controller for my Ceiling fan. Works great for when the temp goes up or down. Is very annoying to have to remeber to turn it all the way off while im not home.


My idea is a multi speed switch, with built in thermostat so you can controll when the fan turns on, and how high of a speed based on time of day and temp. That way i could set it to "auto, 70 degrees, from 4pm-10pm" then have a setting to change it to "auto, 74 degrees, 10pm-7am", then "off, 7am-4pm". Or i could just log on my phone and change the temp to what i want it to be and the fan speeds adjusts to what is needed to make the room that temp.

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Toggle feature for WeMo Motion

by raz0r53dge on ‎07-17-2014 10:12 PM

Hi there,


I would like to suggest that a toggle option be set for motion, such that detection of motion would turn the switch on, then further detection of motion would turn it off again. This would work well for across a door way for example so lights in a room would turn on when you walked in and off when you walked out, alternatively this would allow you to mount a motion behind a piece of furniture (couch, bed headboard etc.) and then a wave of the hand over this would turn it on, and then another wave would turn it off. This would eliminate the issue of all motion toggling the switch on and off.


This is currently possible via IFTTT but it is often much too slow to respond. For many it may offer a much more efficient method for lighting a room than the on for a certain amount of time settings that the app currently offers.

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build voice commands into the WeMo

by lparris on ‎07-16-2014 01:30 PM

Would the technology allow for integration with voice activated commands?

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Off After X Minutes

by Koalacomms on ‎07-09-2014 07:35 PM

One thing I'd love to see is a rule whereby I can switch the WeMo on and have it switch off automatically after a set time.
The supplied rules don't allow for this.
To explain further - An additional rule which has no specific "on" time and can be set to turn "off" after a given interval, say 30 minutes.
I do hope you will consider adding this functionality in a future update.
Thank you
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Timed Events

by crimbo on ‎07-02-2014 02:53 AM

I've set up my WeMo Switch to contol a 3KW Water heater (Using a 20amp Contactor as the switching circuit.)

I'm using rules for regular morning On/Off times for Mon-Fri and seperate time for W/E


I'd like to be able to also switch the heater on at random times outside these schedules and have it auto switch off after 1 hour.


1. When switching on from the App, I'd like the default "On Time" to be X minutes. Prompted at switch ON time to select between X minutes, and "Stay On until switched off"


2. When switching on from the switch directly, default to X minutes. Device could also determine the difference between Long Press (For X Minutes) and STD press for regular ON.


3. If switched on from schedule and it's On till Time, Ignore the off time as the schedule will handle that.


I've been all over IFTTT and no channel will do this job.






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Mobile version of this site

by WEMO Maker Inventor ‎06-30-2014 05:01 PM - edited ‎06-30-2014 07:46 PM
It would be nice to have a mobile version of this site...
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Multiple time slots

by HM on ‎06-28-2014 06:37 PM