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I understand that the current app only has the ability to control one location remotely.  However, this seems to be a silly restriction and significantly limits the functionality of the product.


I have two properties that are several hundred kilometers away.  Right now if I want to control both properties remotely, I need two separate devices, one for each property, which is ridiculous.  If one device breaks or I lose it, I lose any ability to control one property.  And if I happed to lose the device that controls the property that is truly remote, the only way I have to reconnect a new device is to physically drive 2-3 hours just so I can connect to the wifi and restablish connection. Again, this is ridiculous.


Both locations go to the cloud before they go to my device.  Therefore, it should be fairly simple to be able to select different locations from within the app.  From the app on a single device, I should be able to switch back and forth between property A and property B.


As a point in reference, I have a wifi thermostat in each property.  I am easilty able to control each property from a single app on a single device.  In addition, there is a web interface which I can use if my device breaks.  This is not rocket science. I have had these wifi thermostats for 3 years. Please consider adding this basic funcationality to your app.

Status: Planned

Set Default ON State after Power Outage

Status: Planned
by Community Manager on ‎08-10-2012 02:10 PM

It would be nice if the WeMo modules could be configured to use a default ON state after a power outage, such that lights would come back ON when the power returned.

Firstly, I believe that ON/OFF state should be remembered even after a power outage anyway, so that if a light was on, it comes back on when the power returns. IMHO this should be the "normal" behaviour since this is what would be expected if WeMo switches weren't being used. Right now, after a power failure, any WeMo connected lights remain off.

Additionally, however, I would like to see an optional setting that could be used to have lights turn ON, regardless of previous state, following a return of power to the WeMo modules. This would not only be useful for things like actual power outages, but also switched outlets -- allowing a lamp to optionally be controlled by the wall switch. In this case, turning ON the wall switch would turn on the WeMo which would turn on the attached lamp.

Status: Planned

WeMo timer

Status: Planned
by Community Manager on ‎12-19-2012 11:49 AM

Would love to see a timer feature. For example, if the device is turned on at the wall or via the app, set it to be on for x number of minutes before automaticly turning off.

Real world example: my iron is plugged into a wemo switch at the wall. I use the plug button to turn on my appliance. I have already preset this device to automaticly turn off after 10 minutes

Status: Planned

What about WeMo LightBulb

Status: Planned
by Community Manager on ‎08-05-2012 09:55 AM

Try to realize an intelligent light bulb with RGB LED’s and wifi, connected to IFTTT. It can switch on and off, flash and change color depend on IFTTT events...

Status: Planned

So I am considering buying a pack of the LED light bulbs. What I need to know is if there is a way to have the lights turn on automatically when I get near my home and then turn off after a few minutes. I don't know much about the Wemo App, is it possible with that app? Or IFTTT?

Status: Planned